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Avondale Estate Plus Fine Jewelry and Art - Closing Thursday Nov 21st starting at 2pm

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  • Mounted photograph of Hmong hill tribe children sewing the fabric they are known for.
  • Two House of Handicrafts White Hmong Doll Made By Youthana Thailand Vandia Mongkhong - One named White Hmong and the other named Hmong Lai
  • Hmong Hill Tribe hand stitched Story Cloth-
    • The artistic tradition of Paj NTaub (pronounced Pan-Dow) means “Flower Cloth” and is a traditional form Hmong textile work that combines embroidery and reverse appliqué techniques. These were used to form geometric patterns in fabric that have had specific symbolic meanings. As the Hmong faced the upheaval of war and immigration, their textile traditions have both provided a link for Hmong Americans to continue perpetuating their culture, as well as evolving to encompass new experiences. While in the refugee camps in Thailand, Paj Ntaub techniques evolved and artists began creating Story Cloths, embroidered picture textiles that illustrate experiences of the Hmong people, from scenes of agricultural life into images of the war and their exile from Laos.

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