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11 T11-1.jpgButler Furniture Channing Olive Ash Burl Traditional  Rectangular Console Table in medium Brown
D: 30"h x 22"w x 15"d
About Butler Furniture and why this table originally sold for between $300-400+
Butler Specialty Furniture is an furniture industry leader in accent furniture. With a vast selection of more than 2,000 items spanning a broad array of product types in styles from traditional to modern, each item is created to be “The Brightest Spot In Your Room.”

Founded in 1930 by Martin Fainman and Harry Bergman, Butler got its start as a manufacturer of clock shelves and radio benches. Over time, its range of novelty accent furniture expanded to include tables, valets, costumers, wall racks, curios and more. Every unique item was crafted to exacting standards giving each a high perceived value and a quality story that became the basis for the brand. That uncompromising attention-to-detail endures today with every product

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