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Sold and Closed! Big Blow-Out Auction for All About Props!! - Closing Sunday, March 28, 2021 starting at 2pm

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63 T63-1.jpg1 Shelf of Security Equipment
1 Warehouse Speaker / Horn
1 Security Dome - 18in diameter
5 Swan Simulated Security Cameras
3 Low grade Simulated Security Cameras
2 Portable Magnetic Antennas

1 Shelf of Routers Switches
Hawking Black Hawk 24 port 10/100 Switch
Cisco ATT wireless router / 3G
ATT 2Wire 2701H6 router switch
Cisco Linksys Wireless G router WRT5462
Cisco Analog Phone Adapter  ATA186
Cisco 776M Router/Switch
Belkin N Wireless Router
Belkin N450 N+/- Wireless Router
Direct TV Box 2007
Snom M9 IP Phone 2010
Demon Dialer 176T Zoom Telephone
Diversity Receiver EM100
Apex Digital TV Converter
Micro Strain 3 Channel

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Amy Martin Auctioneer