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1970s Smith Corona Ghia
Approx. Size:  14" x 12" x 7"
Condition:  Very good. Minor scuffs on the clam shell cover. Typewriter has been serviced and works very well
Teaming a manual typewriter company with a Italian sports car may seem like an oxymoron, but this was the coolest thing around in 1970. The Super-Ghia, built in England was designed in collaboration with the Karman Ghia Group automobile company. This manual typewriter sports a great muscle car aesthetic. With an ultra low profile, disappearing handle, rubber tire treads instead of feet, and racing stripes on the turquoise clamshell cover, and the Ghia logo the "Super G" is sure to turn heads. Comes with case,  new ribbon.   This typewriter takes a half inch ribbon on a 1.5" spool.  Manual is available online.

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