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SOLD and Closed! All About Props Inventory reduction Auction # 5 - Closing Sunday Oct 11th starting at 2pm

Item Description
1.Chandler & Price Iron Printing Press
Vintage 1902 - Working - See Associated Video
60in tall x 44in deep x 45in wide
Bolted to Rolling Pallet which is 40in wide x 48in deep x 11in tall
Pallet has 4 - 2000lb rated casters
Must be picked up with Dock High Truck

2.Rare Antique Metal Bed from Lovecraft Country (HBO)
The bed is 81 inches long x 51 inches across x 38 inches tall.
The mattress frame will hold a 69in x 48in mattress.
Mattress not included.

3.1960s Era Mayfield Cigarette Machine
33in wide x 51in tall x 28in deep
1960s Space Legs - xtra parts inside
Side Padlock

4.Vintage Pull-Out Coke Machine
Machine signage has been changed to non-brand it for film industry
Electricity works, Compressor cools some
26in wide x 55in tall x 22in deep

5.Tombstone - Modern Style Rough Top
47in wide x 20in deep x 33in tall
Appeared in Teen Wolf, Vampire Diaries, The Originals and many more shows and movies

6.Large Tombstone `Gable` top
42in wide x 37in tall x 18in deep
As seen on Teen Wolf, Vampire Diaries, The Originals and many more

7.Large Tombstone `mansard top`
49in wide x 42in tall x 19in deep
As seen on Teen Wolf, Vampire Diaries, The Originals and many more

8.Large Tombstone `Myers` style
47in wide x 36in tall x 11in deep 
As seen on Teen Wolf, Vampire Diaries, The Originals and many more

9.Vintage Tombstone `Wilbanks` - 2 pieces
36in wide x 26in tall x  11in deep - top
40in wide x 4in tall x 17in deep - base
Blank on 1 side
As seen on Teen Wolf, Vampire Diaries, The Originals and many more

10.Vintage Tombstone with base `Thomas`
39in tall x 31in wide x 11in deep 
Blank on the back side
As seen on Teen Wolf, Vampire Diaries, The Originals and many more

11.Vintage `Scrooge` Tombstone with base - 2 pieces
Top is 36 in tall x 25in wide x 12in deep
Base is 6in tall  33in wide x 16in deep
Blank on the back side

12.Vintage Tombstone with base
41in tall x 24in wide x 9in deep (with base)
As seen on Teen Wolf, Vampire Diaries, The Originals and many more

13.`John Polander` Vintage Tombstone with base
47in tall x 37in wide x 8in deep (with base)
As seen on Teen Wolf, Vampire Diaries, The Originals and many more

14.Vintage Thin Tombstone Style

36in tall x 24in wide x 2in thick

15.Set of 2 Tombstones - Vintage Thin Style
Unknown mysterious script on Front
37in tall x 18in wide x 2in deep

16.Set of 2 - 5ft tall Knights in Armor Suit
62in tall x 23in wide x 19in deep

17.`Starter` Lever Prop
Lever for Mad Scientists or Nutty Professors or for Grand Openings
53in tall x 24in wide x 8in deep

18.Street LIght - Large Acorn Style Top
112 in tall - Acorn top is 14in diameter and 24in tall
                - Base is 12in diameter

19.Vintage Street Light on rolling platform
9ft tall - Top is 16in x 16in - Base is 24in x 24in
Oversize Top

20.Grey Coffin - Steel Split Top
82in long x 27in wide x 23in tall

21.Blue Child`s Coffin
58 1/2 in long x 22in wide x 18in tall

Locking Top
As seen in Mile 22 movie with Mark Wahlberg

22.Jar of Plastic Brains
Educational Quality Model in Vintage Brown Jar
8in tall x 8in diameter Jar

23.`Forest Gump` Style Shoe with Brace
12in tall x 8in long x 4in wide

24.Large Plastic Cauldron
24in diameter x  15in tall
Hard to find size

25.Light Up / Blow-up Jack-O-Lantern
24in tall x 42in diameter

26.Styrofoam Crypt 
Faux Coffin Crypt

74in long x 29in wide x 26in tall
Very Light Weight - Top is Separate and Loose from Base

27.20lb Silicone Scottish Salmon
Flexible and Solid
32in long x 9in tall x 5in wide
Fabricated by All About Props for `We Bare Bears` commercial

28.Cinderella Carriage
Very sturdy, 2 people can sit in it easily.
Used for Events and Theatrically
103in tall x 92in long x 45in wide

29.Frozen Themed Throne
72in tall x 32in wide x 26in deep

30.XL Vintage Style Marquis Sign
Globe Lights surrounding with Florescent lights inside
6ft wide x 29in tall x 7in thick
4 Eye Bolts for hanging points
`Games` sign is removable peel & stick

31.Potted Tropical Palm - Faux Foliage
4ft tall  in  17in tall x 12in diameter pot

32.Pair of Hanging Stained Glass Midieval Style Pendant Lights
15in tall x 9in diameter with 45in metal chain
Candle lights - Stained Glass Doors open to tend to candle

33.Globe on Metal Globe Stand
36in tall x 19in diameter
12in diameter Repogle World Classic Series Globe
Globe is pre 2011 as South Sudan is missing

34.Candle Holder - 8 Candle Table top or Mantel Candelabra
12in wide x 7in tall

35.Ceremonial Katana Sword with Stand
44in long x 2in tall x 1in thick
Stand is 14in long x 6in wide x 3in tall

36.Pair of Resin AK47 prop Rifles
35in long x 10in tall x 2in thick

37.100 year old Snow Sled
38in long x 15in wide x 14in tall
from Scandinavia

38.Hollywood Sign
16ft long x 42in tall x 6in thick
`Holly` - 8ft long x 30in tall x 6in thick
`Wood` - 8ft long x 42in tall x 6in thick

39.XL Light Switch
Oversize for Grand Openings, Events, et al
44in tall x 28in wide x 6in deep

40.Vintage Court Reporter Stenograph Machine with Stand
Adjustable Base up to 31in tall
Machine is 11in deep x 8in wide
Working order needs new ribbon

41.Iron Tripod with Cook Pot and Tongs
5ft tripod poles
Pot is 11in diameter x 7in tall
Utensils and Plates inside pot

42.Antique Wood Hand Planer
16in long x10in tall x 3in wide

45.Vintage Metal Roller Skates
Adjustable Length and Width
Approx. 11in long x 4in wide x 4in tall
Metal Wheels as well

46.Neon Light Columns
87in tall x 16in w x 16in d
One column is missing the neon bulb
Metal Frame around plexi

47.Street LIght 
92in tall x 11in wide x 11in deep base
Vintage Top

48.Large Obelisk - tombstone marker- `Bennett`
67in wide x 16in tall x 16in deep
As seen on Teen Wolf, Vampire Diaries, The Originals and many more

49.Large Obelisk - tombstone marker- `Kramer`
71in wide x 10in tall x 12in deep
As seen on Teen Wolf, Vampire Diaries, The Originals and many more

50.Large tombstone marker with Faux iron cross
48in tall x 26in wide x 12in deep

53.Creepy Ghoul Hands
1 is 61in long
1 is 54in long

54.30ft Halloween Fencing
Wrought Iron Fencing
10 sections - 37in long x 30in tall

55.Large Blow Mold Plastic Light Up Pumpkin
29in tall x 19in wide x 17in deep

56.Large Plastic Cauldron 
24in diameter x 15in tall

Hard to Find Larger Size
Small Rough Patch - Lower Front

57.Set of 10 Good Quality Foam Pumpkins
3 Pre-Carved
3 - 14iin tall
1 - 12in tall
2 - 10in tall
2 - 9in tall
2 - 6in tall

58.Set of 7 Trick or Treat Items
5 pumpkin buckets for collecting - up to 8in tall
2 trays for serving

59.Halloween Party Supplies
Ribbon, Streamers, Treat Bags, etc

12 Streamer Rolls
45 Treat Bags
1 pkg of Mylar fabric

60.Halloween Home Decor 
Witch Flag & Door Mat

Door Flag is 40in long x 29in wide with Hanging Bar
Door Mat is 29in wide x 18in deep

61.Bones & Skulls - Halloween Decor
7 skulls, 1 skull candle on a stick, 2 hands, 2 leg bones, Eyes, 20+ zombie fingers

62.Cheese Cloth - Halloween Decor
9 unopened packages = Green & Creme
Large opened groups of Beige, Grey, Black, White

63.Vintage 1960`s Halloween Wall Decor
6 pieces 12in to 14in tall

64.Halloween Decor - Plastic Slasher Props
2 Butcher Knives - 19in long and 15in long
1 Scythe - 18in long
1 `Halloween` Mask - 11in tall x 9in wide

65.Set of 8 RIP Headstones 
22in to 24in tall


66.Set of 11 scary RIP Headstones
8 are 20in to 24in tall

2 smaller pieces 14in diameter and 1 16in diameter Cross

67.13 Pieces of Halloween Decor Lighting

68.Spiders, Bats, Ants
From 24in across to 1in Ants

69.Small 23in tall Mummy
Very Creepy

70.Family assortment of Halloween Decor
Dracula puppet is 22in tall
Witch wreath is 13in diameter
2 Pumpkin Lanterns
2 Hanging `clear` skeletons
2 Halloween macrames
plus more - see photos

71.Stretchy Spider Webs

72.High Quality Severed Rubber Hand w/ bone
12in long

73.Plastic Cauldrons - Soup Style
14in diameter x 9in tall with handles

Set of 2

74.Set of 5 Matching `Deckhand` Costumes
Mask, Shirt, Tunie, Gauze, Zombie Fingers

75.Davy Jones Rubber Mask 
from `Pirates of the Caribbean`
30in long x 21in wide

76.Set of Costumes - 2 Ghoul Masks, 1 Pirate Costume
Halloween Decor

77.Masks and Head Coverings - Halloween Costumes
3 matching Feather Masks
1 Butterfly Feather Mask
1 Zorro / Dread Pirate Roberts Eye Mask
2 Hoods

78.Lot of F/X special effects Make Up - Halloween Costume
1 Zombie claw set
3 Zombie nails sets
1 Zombie Rot
2 Woochie brand Scars
1 Black Light FX glow make-up
1 Woochie brand FX kit
1 Bag of Large Latex scars up to 11in long

79.Large Box of Fake Plastic Iron Chains
approx 25 ft of 1in x 5 1/2in links
approx 10 ft of 1in x 4 1/2in links
approx 6ft of 1/2in x 3in links

80.Pair of Hats - Mad Hatter Hat & SteamPunk Hat
Mad Hatter - 11in tall x 18in diameter
Steam Punk Hat - 6in tall x 12in long x 9in wide

80A.ROXIE sign 
for musical Chicago or Event Decor
Letters mounted on Angle Iron
Holes for LIghts if desired
80in long x 24in tall x 2in thick

81.Mason 32nd Degree Hat with zipper case
8in deep x 3in tall

82.Feather Masks & Harlequin Masks
Harlequin Mask - 7in wide x 10in deep x 5in tall
Red Feather Mask - 12in wide x 9in tall
Stick Mask - 22in tall x 9in iwde x 3in deep

24in diameter x 6in tall
Umbrella that sits on your head like a hat marketed by former MLB player Lou Brock

83A.Car Front with Windshield on wheels
58in wide x 52in tall x 23in deep
BMW label also works as Yellow Taxi

83B.Stand up - Triumph Convertible with British Flag Racing Colors
ala Austin Powers car - Wood Frame with plexi front windshield
8ft long x 41in tall

84.Big Thumbs Up
12in tall x 6in wide x 6in deep

85.Suggestion / Donation Box
11in wide x 10in deep x 12in tall

86.Set of 3 Silver Lava Lamps
17in tall x 6in diameter
16in tall x 4.5in diameter
12in tall x 3.5in diameter

87.Prop Set of Motel Key Fobs
68 Fobs -  6 to 10 with keys
5in long x 2in wide

88.Aladdin`s Lamp with Smoke/fog
24in wide x 19in tall x 9in thick
Hole tube runs through Lamp allowing Lamp to Fog

89.Resin Monkey
38in tall x 18in wide x 9in thick
Hangs buy its hand
Jungle Decor

90.Vintage Fire Hose
75ft Long with Nozzle - 2in pipe connection

91.Gas Pump
with Hose and spare parts
52in tall x 27in wide x 17in deep

69in long

93.Civil Defense Storage Water Barrels
Set of 3 Barrels
24in tall x 16in diameter

94.Decor Number - 42in tall Number 0
light weight - easily painted

95.Decor Number - 42in tall Number 1
light weight - easily painted

96.Decor Number - 42in tall Number 2
light weight - easily painted

97.Decor Number - 42in tall Number 3
light weight - easily painted

98.Decor Number - 42in tall Number 4
light weight - easily painted

99.Decor Number - 42in tall Number 5
light weight - easily painted

100.Decor Number - 42in tall Number 6
light weight - easily painted

101.Decor Number - 42in tall Number 7
light weight - easily painted

102.Decor Number - 42in tall Number 8
light weight - easily painted

103.Decor Number - 42in tall Number 9
2nd of 2 `0`
light weight - easily painted

104.Decor Number - 42in tall Number 0
light weight - easily painted

105.Set of 4 Unfinished Ornately Carved Wooden Legs
54in tall x 16in wide x 3in thick

106.Set of 2 Carved Unfinished Wood Pieces
54in long x 16in tall x 3in thick

107.Set of 6 assorted Decor Pieces
2 Fleur De Lis stands - 
18in tall x 12in wide
2 Metal Planters/Containers - Oval 15in long / Sqaure 8in x 8in
2 Decorative Angle Braces - 6in x 5in

108.Paris at Night - Painted Backdrop - wood
approx. 8ft tall x 8ft wide - 2 sections 8ft x 4ft

109.Gold Dust - 50 gallon Barrel
Faux Gold Dust made for Gold Rush TV show commercial
mix of Corn Cob sandblast material, rubber nuggets, pebbles, fish tank rocks and gold paint, 

109A.Toy Piano with working Keys
31in wide x 24in tll x 14in deep

110.Budweiser Metal Sign
15in wide x 12in tall

111.Oxford Dart Game with Antique Wood Darts
17in Diameter Dart Board
10 wood darts 6in long

112.Set of 3 Decorative Metal Gold Stars
36in tall x 36in wide x 3in deep

113.Theatrical Door - on Wheels - Pair of Doors
Door Pair used for Alice in Wonderland

Large Door is 38in wide x 88in tall x 36in deep
Small Door is 28in wide x 40in tall x 16in deep

114.Vintage Couch on Wheels
50in long x 41in tall x 25in deep

115.Queen Anne End Table
26in deep x 20in wide x 22in tall

116.Pair of Dixie Night Stands
24in wide x 22in tall x 17in deep

117.Dining Buffet on Wheels
36in wide x 30in tall x 19in deep
60in wide with both leaves extended

118.Brass Coat & Hat Stand
67in tall x 21in diameter

119.Black Metal Ammo Box
14in tall x 19in long x 8in thick

120.6 Pair Candles
Black Wire pair - 11in tall
Black Wire pair - 12in tall plus 10in tall
Traditional Brass pair - 12in tall
Pewter Column Style pair - 8in tall
Brass Trumpets pair - 9.5in tall plus 7in tall
Brass Flowers - 7in tall

121.Set of 23 Amber Glass Table Candles
4in tall x 4in diameter

122.4 Assorted Silver Plate Trays
14in round decorative tray
Hors d'oeuvre tray - 16in long x 7in wide
Silver Plate tray - 16in long x 12in wide
Hexagonal Serving Tray (heavy) - 12in x 11in 

123.Wall of Sconces - Set of 10
Pair of Faux Brass Flowers - 13in tall x 12in wide
Pair of Wood Sconces plain - 15in tall x 2in wide
Pair of Wood Sconces fancy - 15in tall x 4in wide
Brass wire style Sconce - 16in tall x 6in wide
Brass leav - 15in tall x 4in wide
Brass Tassel sconce twin candles - 16in tall x 9in wide
Large Black Wrought Iron - 18in tall x 11in wide

124.Wood Display Pedestal
30in tall x 12in diameter

125.Wood Display Pedestal
28in tall x 12in diameter

126.Matching Pair of Pewter Lamps
Slightly mismatched shades
Lamps - 20in tall x 5in x 5in base
Shades - 15in and 14in diameter

127.Pair of Art Deco Atomizers
5in tall x 3in diameter

128.Bust - Mantle Decor
10in wide x 9in tall x 9in diameter

129.Table top Decor - Small Knight in Armor
25in tall x 10in wide x 7in deep

130.Don Quixote wood statue
21in tall x 6in wide x 6in deep

131.Skull Telephone
10in tall x 10in wide x 7in deep

132.`Thinker` Brass Book Ends
7in tall x 4in deep x 3in wide

133.Brass Duck Head Book Ends
7in tall x 4in wide x 2in deep

134.Set of 5 Assorted Finger-Held Good Night Candle Holders
3 Brass - 7.5in tall x 6.5iin diameter, 2in tall x 7in diameter, 2in tall x 3in diameter
2 Pewter - 2in tall x 6in diameter

135.Pair of Brass Crosses
14in tall x 8in wide x 4in deep
with Cross Necklaces

136.Set of Crosses
3 Silver 11in tall x 7in wide
1 Wood 11in tall x 7in wide

137.Brass / Bronze Samurai Statue
13.5in tall x 5.5in deep x 4in wide

138.Metal Milk Can
24in tall x 14in diameter

139.Vanity Seat
Wrought Iron Frame
26in tall x 16in diameter

140.Decorative Light Weight Metal Plant Stand
30in tall x 12in wide x 12in deep

141.Singin` in the Rain Memorabilia
Movie Poster mounted - 35in tall x 23in wide
Promotional Picture - 14in wide x 11in tall
Gene Kelly autograph not verified

142.Decorative Ceramic White Greyhound
27in tall x 9in wide x 11in deep

143.AMI Jukebox
Broken Top, Good Prop, or Parts
34in w x 66in tall x 26in deep

144.Entertainment Center / TV Stand with Glass Doors open back
53 1/2in wide x 25in tall x 22in deep

145.Matched Set of 5 Executive Tufted Blue Leather Swivel Chairs
45in tall x 30in wide x 36in deep
Board Room Chairs

150.Dictaphone #12
Vintage 1920`s
10in tall x 16in wide x 15in deep

151.Friden Calculator - Model CW
used in the movie Hidden Figures
17in wide x 9in tall x 15in deep

152.Friden Calculator - Model ST
used in the movie Hidden Figures
18in wide x 13in deep x 8 in tall

153.Repogle Globe - World Nation Series
16in tall x 12in diameter globe
Raised Relief showing mountains
Pre 1991 Globe showing USSR as a country

154.Repogle Globe - World Nation Series
16in tall with 12in diameter globe
Pre-world War !! Globe showing the nation of Siam and European Colonies in Africa

155.Set of 10 - TI-5630 Calculators
paper tape calculators

156.Set of 30 Wire Metal Folder Holders / Sorters
15 silver / 15 brass
11in long x 7in wide x 7in tall

157.Set of 3 Satchel style Briefbags
Larger Dark Brown - 18in long x 14in tall
Satchel 2 and 3 - 16in long x 14in tall

158.Amano EX9500 Time Clock
10in wide x 12in tall x 7in deep

159.Set of 34 Wire In/Out Baskets
4 similar styles
13in long x 9in wide x 3in deep 
15 new baskets
2 vintage baskets
8 open on both ends baskets
15in long x 9in wide x 5in deep - 5 baskets
14in long x 9in wide x 3in deep - 2 baskets

160.Set of 4 Briefcases
Reddish Brown - 18in long x 13in tall x 4in thick - locked
Brown - 18in long x 13in tall x 4in thick - locked
Green - 18in long x 12in tall x 4in thick - opens
Maroon - 18in long x 12in tall x 5in thick - opens

161.Rolodex - metal - Model 2500T
Holds Double Roll of 4x2 index cards
approx. 10in wide and 10in tall

162.Pair of Mac Power Books
Power Book 180 - boots - 
11in wide x 10in deep x 2 1/4in thick
Power Book 165  - same size

163.Set of 3 Vintage Laptops
Gateway 2000 Colorbook  486DX33
Compaq LTE 286
Toshiba Satellite  PA1224U

11 to 12 in wide x 8 to 9 in deep x 2in thick

164.Kroy 61 Lettering Machine
14in wide x 12in deep x 9in tall
includes an additional Letter Wheel - Helvetica 24pt

165.Set of 4 assorted Vintage Metal File Sorters In/Out
1 - Ivory in/out/sorter - 16in wide x 11in deep x 8in tall
1 - Tan in/out/sorter - 15in wide x 11in deep x 8in tall
1 - Grey Horizontal Sorter - 12in wide x 12in deep x 9in tall
1 - Military Green Vertical Sorter - 9in wide x 11in deep x 9in tall

166.Set of 2 Lavendar Office Waste Cans
11in tall x 11in diameter

167.Set of 2 Vintage Office Waste Cans
Black Metal Mesh 
- 14in tall x12in diameter
Vintage Wire Waste Can - 13in tall x 12in diameter

168.Set of 8 medium Desk Blotters
2 plain blotters - 24in wide x 19in deep - 1 brown, 1 red
3 very plain blotters - 22in wide x 17in deep - 2 black 1 brown
1 nice blotter - 24in wide x 19in deep - Black/Gold
1 end style blotter - 22in wide x 15in deep - Brown

170.Pair of Commercial Trash Cans - Flat Back
includes inner plastic waste back
32in tall x 18in wide x 9in deep

174.Mid Century Modern prop Wall
Faux Brick 
8ft long x 6 1/2ft tall x 20in thick

175.Prop Boxes - Prop Medicine
14pcs Vintage Looking Boxes
False Labels for mouthwash - 6in tall or 10in tall
B&L Prop Box is 9in tall

176.Basket of Vintage Packaging & Products

180.Motorola Six Transistor - Radio
4.5in tall x 2.5in wide x 1.25in deep

181.Zenith Royal R50LK Transistor
4.5in tall x 2.75in wide x 1.5in deep

182.Harlie Five Transistor Radio
5.5in wide x 3in tall x 1.75in deep

183.Set o 2 ATC Transistor Radio AM/FM
5in tall x 3in wide x 1.75in deep
Matching - 1 black and 1 brown

184.Set of 4 Portable Recording / Music Playing Devices
1 - GE Cassette Recorder 3-5301B Model   7.5in wide x 4.5in tall x 175in thick
1 - Dynamo + Solar Power + Crank Radio AM/FM - 6in w x 3in tall x 1.25in thick
1 - Baby Boom Box Radio AM/FM Model 2225F - 7.5in w x 3.5in tall x 2in thick
1 - Alaron `Droid` AM/FM Radio -  5in globe

185.Set of 2 Sony Walk MAN
WM-FX101 - 5in tall x 4in wide x 1.25in thick
       vintage 1995
WM-FX425 - 4.5in tall x 4in wide x 1.5in thick
      with clip on clip

200.Theatrical Street Light - Flat Front 
113in tall x 16in wide x 16in deep base
Runs on 9volt battery with flickering Halogen Light
Small platform with wheels

201.Theatrical Street Light - Flat Front
116in tall x 16in wide x 16in deep base
Runs on 9volt battery with flickering c9 bulb
Small platform with wheels

202.Oriental Rug - small 
64in long x 36in wide

203.Oriental Rug
89in long x 64in wide

207.Set of 3 Lockers - 3 Single Units
36in wide x 78in tall  x18in deep
Work Lockers

208.Stainless Steel Prep Sink on Wheels
60in wide x 39in tall x 23in deep

209.Retail Rolling Display Rack
76in tall x 31in wide x 6in deep
Rolling Locking Wheels
Quark Sign easily removed or replaced as needed

210.Store Glass Front Display Unit
4ft wide x 3ft tall x 21in deep

211.Retail Display Spinner 
3 Rows - 27 Display Holders
61in tall x 21in diameter
Vintage Style

212.Retail Sunglasses Display Spinner
Holds 72 Units
68in tall x 19in diameter

213.Retail Display Spinner - DVDs, Books, Cards
Holds 48 Units
66in tall x 22in diameter

214.Set of 3 Sign Holders - Retail / Office / Commercial
Signs slide in from the top

61 1/2in tall x 24in wide x 15in deep base
Holds Sign 27in tall x 21in wide

214A.Plastic Rolling & Swivel Retail / Newsstand Fixture
30 pockets for media - all 4 sides of spinner
68in tall x 24in wide x 17in deep

214B.Retail Fixture - Spinner for Ties, Belts, etc
54in tall x 20in diameter

214C.News Stand Prop
Red Metal Wire Magazines/Newspaper Holder

44in tall x 18in wide x 12in deep
3 shelves

214D.News Stand Prop
Black Metal Newspaper/Magazines Rack

Countertop Style
23in tall x 15in deep x 13in wide
2 Shelves

214E.News Stand Prop
Magazine / Comic Book Rack
Stand alone or Hanging
Standing - 54in tall x 19in wide x 19in deep
Hanging - 54in tall x 19in wide x 4in deep

214F.News Stand Prop
Vintage Spinner - Magazines / Comic Books
40 pockets
74in tall x 24in deep

215.Lot of 2 pcs Medical Equipment
IEC Model 120 Medispin Centrifuge - 
lights up / spins

Pump for Invacare CareGuard APP Alternating Pressure Pad System, CG9701 - lights up

216.Lot of 2 pieces of Medical Equipment
Intramed Model 732 Endoscope Irrigation Pump

13in wide x 15in deep x 6in tall
lights up when turned on
Medtronic Covidien GoodKnight 314 CPAP
pump works needs tube and mask

217.Vintage Doctor`s Office Scale
Height Measuring attachment
58in tall x 18in wide x 20in deep

218.Set of 2 Rolling IV Stands
1 adjusts from 48in tall x 7ft tall
1 adjusts from 44in tall x 80in tall
both have 23in x 23in base

219.Heavy Duty Xtra Wide Wheelchair
38in tall x 34in deep x 30in wide

220.Vintage Fire Extinguishers
2 - Silver Soda Acid 24in tall extinguishers
2 - Silver Water Extinguishers 27in tall
1 - Red Seco Model 10 21 1/2in tall
1 - Red Dry Chemical Kidde 19in tall

221.Set of 3 Matching Case Windows
65in tall x 25 1/4 in wide x 4 1/2in deep

222.Magazine / Sewing Basket
22in tall x 18in deep x 13in across

223.Water Cooler Refill - Vintage Glass 5 Gallon Tank
19 1/2in tall x 11in diameter

224.Potted Tropical Palm with White Ceramic Vase
80in tall x 45in diameter
pot - 20in tall x 9in diameter

225.Set of 4 Modelo cardboard stand ups
60in tall x 21in wide

226.Set of 2 cardboard London Telephone Booth Stand ups
86in tall x 32in wide

227.Set of 3 - Road / Travel / Storage Boxes
Heavy Duty Plastic - Built to stand or lay down
41in wide x 28in deep x 20in tall

228.Set of 3 Classic Aluminum Folding Lawn Chairs
1 pair 30in tall x 22in wide x 22in deep
1 pair 33in tall x 23in wide x 23in deep


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