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SOLD &CLOSED! All About Props Inventory reduction Auction # 7 - Starts to Close Wednesday, Jan 6th starting at 2pm

Item Description
1.PLEASE NOTE! The Closing date has been changed to Wednesday Jan 6th starting at 2pm ET
pickup will be by appt only on Thursday Jan 7th fro m1pm til 8 in Tucker( exact address will be on invoice)

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We are still available to answer questions - just text or ask questions on the video thread.

1A.Hollywood Lighted Glitter Entrance Arch
3 pieces = 2 posts + 1 cross piece 
Lighted with Rope Lights
8ft tall x 8ft wide x 18in deep

2.Arc of the Covenant
50in long x 43in tall x 31in wide
8ft carrying poles
Top lifts off - Empty inside 

3.Santa`s Workshop Store Front
10ft tall x 8ft wide x 4in thick
includes 3 jack stands for support
extra Xmas props not included

4.Wave Photo Op Stand Up
8ft tall x 8ft wide x 30in deep

5.Dorothy`s House - Wizard of Oz
Corner Stand up - 2 panels 8ft tall x 4ft wide
stocking feet not included

6.Circus Stand-up Photo Op - Lion Tamer 
6ft tall x 6ft wide
plus 2 jack stands for stanging up

7.XXL Foam Ship`s Anchor
11ft tall x 10ft wide x 7in thick
Breaks down to 4 pcs for transport in most SUV`s

8.XL Entrance Gates
Each gate is 82in tall x 82in wide unmounted
Mounted on wheels 84in tall x 84in wide
Both Gates together are nearly 14ft wide

9.Bank of 32 Brass Post Office Boxes
47in long x 15in deep x 28in tall
Keys Included

10.Pair of 16ft tall Wood Arches with rolling platforms
Light weigh stained luan

11.XXL Rocking Horse
Can convert to rolling Horse on Wheels
Used in the play Shrek

12.Large Farm Style Antique Table
also works for Last Supper or Church Prop
8ft long x 26in deep x 30in tall

13.Beaded Arch
8ft wide x 7ft tall x 12in thick

14.Large Fiberglass Ribbed Pots
rented as Egyptian Decor
built as faux clay pots - Fiberglass light and durable
30in tall x 18in largest diameter

15.Large Fiberglass Ribbed Pots
rented as Egyptian Decor
built as faux clay pots - Fiberglass light and durable
30in tall x 18in largest diameter

16.Prop Large Format Camera circa 1920
61in tall x 14in wide x 14in deep
Sliding Legs to adjust height

20.Antique Wood Ironing Board
47in long x 32in tall x 11in deep
Folds for storage
1 loose leg

21.Vintage Rolling Brass & Glass Bar Cart 
Butler Cart or Serving Cart
31in tall x 29in long x 18in wide

22.Rolling Metal Bar Cart on wheels
Serving Cart or Butler Cart or Kitchen cart
33in tall x 27in long x 17in wide

23.Antique Wall Mounted Ironing Board
43in long x 14in wide
Folds up and locks in upright position.

24.ironing Sleeve
for shirt sleeves or pant sleeves
24in long x 6in wide

25.Trophy Case
Sliding Glass Front Doors 
Metal Rails on the sides for shelf placements 
shelves not included
78in tall x 48in wide x 18in deep

26.4 Piece Silver Plate Tea Set
Tray, Teapot, Creamer, Sugar
Excellent condition
Teapot 9in tall
Silver Tray is 12in diameter

27.3 pieces of Vintage Luggage
1 - Vintage Luggage Teal 21in long x 13in tall x 8in deep
1 - Vintage Luggage Blue Heather hatch pattern 
                 21in long x 13in tall x 8in deep
1 - Vintage Cream 26in long x 16in tall x 9in deep

30.Working Warehouse Drum Fan
45in diameter x 17in deep
Maxx by Ventamtic

31.Vintage Warehouse J Bar
74in long x 12in wide x 9in deep
JBars were replaced by Pallet Jacks - used to move pallets

32.Metro Rack
5ft tall x 4ft wide x 2ft deep
5 Shelves

33.Warehouse Dolly
35in tall x 41in wide x 30in deep
Back wheels spin - front wheels straight
Back handle folds down for storage with ring pins

34.Rolling Slat Wall Store Display Unit
63in tall x 24in wide x 22in deep
3 shelves included

35.Office / Industrial Metal Coat Rack
64in tall x 30in wide x 19in deep
6 Hanger Hooks, 4, Umbrella Stands, Hat Rack

36.Rolling File Folder Holder
28in tall x 30in deep x 20in wide
Legal File Size

37.Under Desk Cabinet vintage
26in tall x 26in deep x 19in wide
Works as Shop Storage

38.Lot of 5 Vintage Laptops
Mac PowerBook G3, Toshiba Satellite 2180
Compaq Presario R3000, Acer Aspire One
Avera Tek 3200
3 Laptop Bags

39.Office Stackin In/Out Trays
New silver mesh - 16 pcs
13.5in long x 10in wide x 3in deep

40.Tube Checker Board
Vintage Electronics
22in tall x 18in wide x 4in thick

41.Canvas Bags - Letter & Postal Bags
24in wide x 20in long x 16in deep
Grommet tops with rope to Cinch close

42.Shop Refrigerator 
66in tall x 32in wide x 30in deep
Worked continually since 2005.
Magnets optional, Food will be removed.

43.Vintage Trash Can - Swinging Top
36in tall x 15in deep x 15in wide

44.AV Cart with Working 29in Magnavox TV & working Pioneer DVR-RT300  DVD/VCR recorder/player
34in tall x 24in wide x 18in deep
Magnavox 30in wide x 21in tall

45.Pedestal Fan
92in tall x 36in fan diameter x 22in base diameter
2 speed fan
Emerson 2.2 amp motor

46.Wood Slat Spinning Retail Display
61in tall x 18in wide x 18in deep

47.Metal Creamery Dipper
14in tall x 12in diameter

48.2 Pieces Aluminum Briefcases
1 piece is 18in long x 13in tall x 6in deep
1 piece is 18in long x 13in tall x 5.5in deep - Dial Lock
        2nd piece is a briefcase with storage slots
        2nd piece is full of faux money for Music Videos


51.Portable Bar on wheels
Great Event Bar - Faux Marble Top
8ft long x 38in tall x 24in deep

52.Game Show Console
Family Feud Style game console - ring in lock out microphone
23in wide x 21in tall x 18in deep

53.DJ Stand
36in tall x 48in wide x 21in deep

54.2 Large Classic Greco-Roman Urns / Pots
25in tall x 18in diameter
Light weight and sturdy fiberglass

55.Cinderella Carriage
Very sturdy, 2 people can sit in it easily.
Used for Events and Theatrically
103in tall x 92in long x 45in wide

56.Pair of Large Ornamental Garden Pots
Composite Resin Concrete Sturdy pots
Peacock Feather Patterned
15in tall x 21in diameter

57.Large Ornamental Garden Pot
Composite Resin Concrete Sturdy pot
Faux Kettle appointments
15in tall x 21in diameter

58.Pair of Large Ornamental Garden Pots
Composite Resin Concrete Sturdy pots
Scallop Patterned
15in tall x 21in diameter

59.Pair of Gold Decorative Urns / Vases
Very durable plastic
20in tall x 14in diameter
Used as Egyptian Decor

59A.Pair of Vases - Red 
Used as accent pieces for Events
Plastic very sturdy
18in tall x 10in diameter

60.Set of 3 Medical Rolling Service Carts
Supply Cart - 40in tall x 22in wide x 24in deep

Supply Cart & Computer Station - 48in tall x 24in deep x 28in wide

Rolling Trash Can - 35in tall x 18in wide x 18in deep

61.Set of 3 Medical Rolling Carts
1st cart - Rolling Nurse Station - 57in tall x 21in wide x 20in deep
2nd cart - Rolling Nurse Station - 53in tall x 22in wide x 21in deep
3rd cart - Temperature Stand = 53in tall x 26in diameter

62.Medical Exam Table
34in tall x 55in long x 27in wide
Includes stirrups, expanding pad, drawers for supplies
electrical outlet

66.Office / Industrial Metal Coat Rack
64in tall x 30in wide x 19in deep
6 Hanger Hooks, 4, Umbrella Stands, Hat Rack

67.Hanging Wall Files - 2 pieces
1 Gray and 1 Black
6ft tall x 1ft wide and 4in thick
Store Forms, Mailers, Commonly Used Items in 8.5 in x 11 in slots

70.Set of decorative Red Railroad Lamps - 9 units
approx 11in tall x 7.5in wide x 5.5in deep
battery candles in 4 lanterns

71.Set of Decorative Green Railroad Lamps - 6 units
9in tall x 6in wide x 4.5in deep
3 dark green / 3 kelly green

72.2 Decorative Railroad Lamps
9 in tall x 6in wide x 4.5in deep
1 Blue / 1 Yellow

73.Set of Railroad Lamps (Black) - 9 Units
4 units - 12in tall x 7.5in wide x 5.5in deep
5 units - 9.5in tall x 6in wide x 4.5in deep

74.Set of 4 Decorative Bronze Railraod Lanterns
2 Units - 12in tall x 7.5in wide x 5in deep
2 Units - 9.5in tall x 6in wide x 4.5in deep

75.Set of 6 assorted Railroad Lamps
Decor Lamps
Smallest is 8.5in tall
Tallest is 15.5in tall

76.2 Decor Lanterns
1 is 16in tall x 4in wide x 4in deep
1 is 9in tall x 4in wide x 4in deep

77.Brass `Masthead` Lantern
17in tall x 7in diameter

78.Set of 3 Kerosene Lanterns
2 - Dietz Lanterns  14in tall x 7.5in diameter
1 - Gambles Lantern   14in tall x 7.5in diameter

79.Model Wood Ship
13in tall x 12in long x 2.5in wide

80.Large Wood Model Ship
26in tall x 40in long x 9.5in wide

81.Standing Lantern
44.5in tall in total
15in base
Lantern is 13in tall x 7in diameter

82.Large Wash Basin & Pitcher
16in diameter basin
10in tall pitcher

83.2 Desk Clocks
Large Clock - 15in deep x 9in wide x 7in deep
Clock - 9in tall x 7in wide x 4in deep

84.Ceramic Desk Clock
15.5in tall x 10.5in wide x 3.5in deep

85.Desk Clocks
1 - 22in tall x 12in wide x 4in deep
1 - 15in tall x 11in wide x 6in deep

86.Miniature Arabian Baskets - 2
8in tall x 6in diameter

87.Travel Bar Set
2 Flasks, 2 Shot Cups, Strainer, Stirrer, Opener

12in tall x 8in wide x 3in deep

88.Assorted Mexican Pottery
Seated Figure - 12in tall x 8in wide
Face - 12in tall
Skull / Face - 12in tall 

89.Pineapple Planters
9in tall x 6in diameter

90.Aztec Wall Art
12in tall x 14in wide

91.Wrought Iron Chandelier
6 lights wired
28in tall x 24in diameter

92.Wrought Iron Chandelier
wired - 5 Lights
27in tall x 22in diameter

93.Oversixe Key to the City
31in long x 17in wide x 1in thick

94.Lot of 10 Candles, Sconces, and Wall Art
Pair of decorative 19in tall Left/Right Brass Sconce Candle Holder
Pair of Decorative Wood Candle Holder Sconces
Brass Lyre 18 1/2 in wide x 12in tall
Decorative Scroll Hanging 19in tall x 11in wide
Fleur da Montagne 23in tall x 9in wide
Wrought Iron Candle Holder  21in tall x 3in wide
Brass Candle Holder - 2 candle holders  15in tall x 7in wide


95.Lot of 5 - Urns, Pots, Churn
Churn - with with Blue stripes 14in tall x 10in diameter
Black Urn - with 20in tall x 12in diameter
Cream Pot - 18in tall x 11in diameter
Dark Brown Urn - 16in tall x 10in diameter
Uneven Top Urn - 14in tall x 10in diameter

96.Set of 9 Candle Holders
1 - 4 candle leaf decorated metal Candle Holder 13in tall x 8in long
1 - 3 candle holder small candelabra 12in tall x 12in wide
1 - 3 candle holder ornate intertwined candelabra 12in tall x 9in d
1 - Brass Candlestick - 9in tall x 5in diameter
2 - Pair of Brass matching candlesticks - 8in tall x 3in diameter
2 - Pair of small metal candle holders - 3in tall x 4in wide 
1 - 3 Candle holder base 7in tall x 12in wide

97.Antique Metal Milk Storage Can
24in tall x 14in diameter
Olive Green

98.Pair of Decor Candelabras
Light weight with plastic crystals
16in tall x 14in diameter

99.Vases /Urns - Grey Metal 
Classic look, light weight, very sturdy
11in tall x 7in diameter

99A.Pair of Classic Gold Plastic Urns / Vases
Very Sturdy / Excellent for Decor & Events
14in tall x 11in diameter

100.Vintage 70`s Furniture set of 3 pieces
Brown Plaid Couch and Pair of Maple Chairs with Gold Cushions

101.Vintage Creme Queen Anne Sofa
81in long x 34in deep x 33in tall

102.Green Floral Queen Anne Sofa
86in long x 35in deep x 36in tall

103.Bookcase - 5 Shelves
36in wide x 12in deep x 84in tall

104.Paisley 1980`s Love Seat

105.Dining / Breakfast Room Table
Faux Marble Top
48in wide x 36in deep x 31in tall

106.End Table - Wood Inlay - Pewter accents
28in wide x 22in deep x 23in tall

107.Antique Armoire for Hanging Clothes - Mirrored front doors
65in tall x 37in wide x 18in deep

108.Hall Seat with storage
73in tall x 31in wide x 17in deep
storage under the seat

109.Book Case
80in tall x 31.5in wide x 11in deep
4 shelves
Bookcase only 

110.Large White Book Shelf
80in tall x 32in wide x 10in deep
Melamine Shelving - adjustable shelving

111.Corner Desk Unit
computer desk with sliding keyboard tray
56in tall x 40in wide x 24in deep

112.Lighted Display Curio
85in tall x 43in wide x 14in deep
Adjustable Shelving Pegs - shelves not included

130.Circus Cannon - Decor
78in long cannon barrel
Stand is 38in long x 28in tall

131.Circus Stands - Set of 4
16in tall x 22in deep

132.Mushroom - Blue
34in tall x 34in diameter
Muslin covered furniture foam

137.Quilt 7ft long x 5ft wide
Antique quilt

138.Portable 2 Step Ladder 
22in tall x 13in wide x 19in deep

139.Ironing Board
Metal with cloth cover - 57in long x 15in wide

140.Fake Food - 3 Candied Apples on a stick
8in tall x 3in diameter

141.Fake Food - Spilled Drinks + 1 Spilled Paint
spilled drinks - 7in long
spilled paint - 10in long

150.Electric Wine Cooler 
20in wide x 19in deep x 17in wide
Works, holds 12 bottles

151.Brass Candlesticks
Classic Greek style column candlesticks
18in tall x 5in sq base

152.Vintage Dressmaker`s Form
48in tall x 18in diameter base

160.Set of 12 Motorola Radius SP50 Police Walkie Talkies
includes 9 battery chargers
Used as Movie Props including Fast 5

161.Set of 6 Radio Boss Police Walkie Talkies with Charger
Charger box is 10.5in wide x 5in long
Individual units are 6in tall
Movie Props

162.Set of 3 Blackfin Walkie Talkies 
5.5in tall
Movie Props

163.6 pieces - assorted Walkie Talkies - Movie Props
2 Motorola SP10 units
1 Co bra Micro Talk
1 Motorola TS11
1 Cobra HH35
1 Yaesu Speaker Microphone for Walkie Talkie w/ 26in cord

164.Pallet of Office Phones - Vintage phones - Movie Props
35 - Toshiba EKT 2203 phones
6 - ATT Merlin B1S-10 phones
10 - Nitsuko 88363 Tie phones
7 - Avaya 4406 phones
10 - Nortel M5208 phones
3 - Nortel Reception / Operator phones compatible with M5208
27 - Lucent MLX10DP phones
1 - Lucent Reception / Operator phone compatible with MLX10DP
5 - RCA 3416 MC phones with power supplies

170.XXK Bible
4ft tall x 32in wide x 12in deep
Foam and Cloth and light wood

180.1980`s luggage - Floral Prints - 14pcs
Set of 3 Matched Jordache Wheeled Luggage

Large Hanging Bag - 48in long x 22in wide x 3in thick
Carry on Luggage - 27in wide x 21in tall x 8in thick
Small Bag - 18in wide x 12in tall x 8in thick
Set of 2 pcs Matched Luggage - Wheeled
Teal Floral 27in wide x 20in tall x 8in deep
Small Luggage - wheeled luggage - 22in wide x 14in tall x 8in deep
4pcs Green Floral Luggage
24in long x 15in wide x 10in thick - Pierre Cardin
24in long x 14in wide x 9in thick - American Tourister
22in long x 14in wide x 9in thick - Councourse
22in long x 14in wide x 9in thick - Atlantic
2 Green Floral Luggage
Metropolitan 24in long x 12in tall x 12in thick Carpet Bag
Jordache 12in long x 8in tall x 9in thick Train Case
3pcs Unmatched Floral Luggage
Jordache 26in long x 20in tall x 10in thick wheeled luggage
Jordache 21in long x 15in tall x 8in thick luggage
Jaguar 20in long x 13in tall x 9in thick luggage

191.Lasko Rotating Ionizing Tower Fan with Remote
Model T48310
47in tall x 12in diameter
Excellent Conditon
Great for office or home

192.Pet Carrier
29in deep x 20in wide x 21in tall
Petmate Medium Kennel - 28in interior depth

193.Set of 4 Oriental/Asian Style Rattan Pots
8in tall x 10in diameter

194.Pair of  Wicker Hanging Pots
9in tall x 7in diameter

195.Pair of Rattan Pots
10in tall x 13in diameter

196.Pair of Large Metal Pots
13in tall x 13in diameter

196A.Large Resin Urn / Pot
17in tall x 18in square at top

197.Pair of Large Blue/Green Fiberglass Pots
9in tall x 16in diameter

198.Lot of 5 Urns / Pots
Large Ornate Foam urn with Handles15in tall x 20in w x 18in deep
Classic Style Urn/Pot cream - 11in tall x 12in diameter
Metal Square Pot - 9in tall x 9in wide x 9in deep
Classic Fiberstone Urn grey - 12in tall x 9in diameter
Wood/Jute pot - 10in tall x 8in square

199.Lot of 4 Pots
Large Heavy Glazed Terra Cotta pot 13in tall x 19in diameter
Large Copper Pot - 12in tall x 14in diameter
Black Plastic classic pot - 12in tall x 13in diameter
Large Gold durable plastic pot - 15in tall x 16in diameter

200.Basketball Caddy on wheels
42in tall x 41in wide x 15in deep
includes 14 basketballs - need air

201.Sporting Goods Lot
2 Boxing Headgear - 1 pair of Boxing Gloves
2 Bicycle Helmets
11 Baseball Gloves - 1 Baseball Pitchers Rubber
15 Baeball Helmets - 2 Baseball Souvenier Helmets
1 Lacrosse Helmet - 1 Hockey Helmet, - 1 Football Helmet
3 Hockey Sticks - 1 Cricket Bat (New) - 1 Lacrosse Stick
3 Dozen assorted baseballs, footballs, basketballs, and more
1 Basketball Hoop - Metal


Amy Martin Auctioneer