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Sold & Closed! Cool as Beans Avondale Estates Auction - Closing Thursday Feb 18th starting at 2pm

Item Description
1.Art by seller, Helen Rogers.

2.Vintage Vejigante from Puerto Rico.  Piece is Papier Mache and Hand Painted, and used in the Ponce Carnival and the Fiesta de Santiago Apostol.

3.English Antique Tiger Oak Art Deco Sideboard Buffet Wine Bar Cabinet
D:55"W x 22"D x 48"H

4.Art by seller, Helen Rogers.  Dolls decorated in the style of Dia de Los Muertos celebration in Mexico.

5.Vintage Stylized Hand Cut Wooden Painted Animal Mask

6.Art by seller, Helen Rogers.  Slab-constructed Plates and cups hand-decorated and painted with mandalas

7.Fabulous MCM painted glass hanging light/ swag light.

8.Antique Toolbox on casters. The box was purchase at a local estate sale and the sellers stated their father was a carpenter and he became annoyed at other people using his tool box as a seat. His solution was to add pointy knobs on the top. Needless to say, this solved his issue. D: 30" across x 16" deep x 14" tall ( including spikes).

9.Vintage Italian Accordion with case

10.Georgian Round solid mahogany tea/dessert table. Turned pedestal support. Tripod base with cabriole legs and slipper feet. Height: 27.5 in. Diameter: 30.00 in.

11.Mercier Luxtub Bicycle
recently restored and ready to ride.

11A.Vintage Western Flyer with new tires
Brampton speedy switch

12.Autographed Copy of RuPaul's Autobiography "Lettin It All Hang Out"
First Edition

13.Process Recess
James Jean : Selected Paintings
Sketchbooks & Illustrations

Copyright 2005
First Printing

available on Amazon from  $295.00 - $545.00

14.Leather Bound Volumes of the Works of Shakespeare

15.1993 Vintage Stickley Cabinet
Dimensions: 43"W x 23"D x 51.5"H

16.Large Vintage Leather Wrapped Elk Figure. 
14”W x 5”D x 14”W

17.Large Vintage Leather Wrapped Jaguar Figure. 
20”W x 6”D x 9”H

18.Large Vintage Leather Wrapped Hippo and Rhino Figures Rhino: 7”W x 3”D x 4”H Hippo: 12”W x 5”D x 7”H

19.NetGear Arlo Pro
2) Wire- Free HD Security Cameras
1) Adjustable Indoor/Outdoor Mount

20.Karastan Wool Rug 10 x 16

21.Divani Chateau d'Ax Brown Italian Leather Sofa with Two Ottomans
Circa 2004/05

Sofa -93"

22.Craftsman style sideboard
 lots of storage and cool stone features
matches table and chairs in lot 23

23.Craftsman style Dining table with cool stone features and 4 chairs

matches sideboard in lot 22

Note: some scratch marks on chairs fabric- see photos

24.Ridgeway Grandfather Clock
Circa 1988
The Ridgeway is the oldest grandfather clock that has been manufactured continuously in the United States and are well know for their excellent time keeping. This is a Quality timepiece!

Serial number 880 46506
D: 19"across x 11" deep x 83" OAH. Currently Not Running. Professional has not inspected.

25.Halloween totems and Day of the Dead painted fabric doll.

Art by seller, Helen Rogers.

26.Foamite Firefoam Company Extinguisher

27.Group of vintage Fire Gear
  • Vigilant Engine Hook and Ladder CO cast iron Plaque
  • Bullard Hard Boiled Fire Helmet
  • Collins Fire Axe

28.Vintage Sprinkler Fire Alarm by GA sprinkler Co

29.SimpliSafe Custom Home Security System
Model: SSCS3

30.Vintage Hand Painted Mask Made from Coconut Shell and seed pods.  Purchased in Mexico.

31.Group of Vintage Toys 
  • Gong Bell Cowboy / Gal / Cow Hand Ranch Phone 39R2
  • Buck- a-Roo Game 
  • Ponderosa Ranch Tin Cup and More 

32.Soutters Brass Spirit Kettle on Stand Patent No. 1830-96
Unusually tall stand.

Unlike the utilitarian copper kettles found in the kitchen, these fancy kettles were an indispensable accessory for the formal tea party, held in the parlour or sitting room. Also known as spirit kettles, they were popular during the whole of the 18th and 19th centuries, and were originally used for replenishing the teapot. Most stands had four legs, with the burner situated at mid height between the four legs, allowing the flame to be seen. Some kettles were attached to the stand with a chain, secured by a removable locking pin.

33.Ingoma Drum 
Wooden Drum with Shell and Membrane in Animal Skin. 

34.Hand Carved Wooden Mask Purchased in Kenya, but origin may be West Africa.

  • Bayan drum of a tabla set ( they usually come in a pair).
  • Small wooden drum with human (Mayan) faces carved on the sides, a skin head secured with nails driven into the wood.
  • Hand drum stamped - made in china( has rustic homemade look)
  • Gourd Huiro/Güiro- no stick-A gourd is fashioned into a huiro, a traditional Andean percussion instrument. Two holes are on one side for holding with your fingers and the opposite side has a carved washboard for rubbing with a stick.

36.Wrought Iron stand possible used as bike rack, also great for use as a quilt rack!

37.Vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster  with 2 bowls and 2 attachments- beaters and dough hooks
Was a gift and our seller reportedly rarely used it. runs great at this time- see video

38.The Life and Travels of Gen. Grant by J T Headley 1879 
see condition in photos
spine cover is torn at seam 

39.German volumes published by 
Henrich Bauer
Grammatif der Neuhochdeutsch (New High German) sprache
Grammer of the New High German Language
From Wikipedia : "German (NHG) is the term used for the most recent period in the history of the German language, starting in the 17th century. It is a translation of the German Neuhochdeutsch (Nhd). The most important characteristic of the period is the development of a standard written German, followed by the standardization of the spoken language.[1] For this reason, the term New High German is also used as a synonym for modern Standard German.

40.Patti Playpal doll in original clothing

Markings on back of neck read: Ideal Toy Corp. G-35H-346

41.Mission Style Leather Recliner 

42.Orion Short Tube 4.5 EQ Reflector Telescope 

42A.Floor lamp with metal base oah 63"+/-

43.Sony STR-KS370 5.1 Surround Sound Home Theater with sswsb subwoofer

44.Three teapots:
  • Original Fish form pottery teapot
  • Vintage Yellow & Flowered Drip-O-Lator / The Enterprise Aluminum Co
  • Antique Insulated Teapot Heatmaster England

45.Five teapots including
Vintage Silver Plate Stacking Teapot Set with Creamer & Sugar Bowl
various pottery pieces
some decorative use only

46.Art by seller, Helen Rogers.

47.The American Black Chamber by Herbert O Yardley
copyright 1931 by Blue Ribbon Books
Herbert Osborn Yardley (April 13, 1889 – August 7, 1958) was an American cryptologist. He founded and led the cryptographic organization the Black Chamber. Under Yardley, the cryptanalysts of The American Black Chamber broke Japanese diplomatic codes and were able to furnish American negotiators with significant information during the Washington Naval Conference of 1921-1922.

48.The Babe Ruth Story- copyright 1948
The Life of George Fox with Dissertations on his views- 1853
PT Barnum - Wild Beasts, Bird and Reptiles

49.Primitive style coat rack with moveable dowels 

Holes along the entire post for adjustable heights 

50.Set of 4 Wood Spindle Back Windsor Dining Chairs

51.Five leather animals

Giraffe 1 (legs out): 9"W x 2.5"D x 8.5"H
Giraffe 2 (legs in): 9"W x 2"D x 9"H
Tiger: 12.5"W x 4"D x 6"H
Hippo: 7.5"W x 3"D x 4"H
Lion cub: 6"W x 2.5"D x 5"H

52.Leather camel and three fur animals

Camel: 13"W x 4"D x 11"H
Horse: 15"W x 4"D x 9"H
Dog: 9"W x 3"D x 6"H
Mountain Goat: 9"W x 4.5"D x 9"H

53.Two leather horses

Standing horse: 14”W x 4”D x 9”H
Carousel horse: 17”W x 5”D x 9”H of hand drums including talking drum( head torn)
Vintage ceramic bongo drums
Ceramic doumbek

55.Vintage 1987 Mattell Boglin Drool hand puppet with box

56.Original Woody Doll in Box

57.Toy Story Disney/Pixar Playskool MR. POTATO HEAD Original 1995 vintage in box

58.Toy Story Slinky Dog 1995 #225000 original

59.Vintage Wind Up Toys 

60.Vintage 1968 SNOOPY Plush Toy Dog 20" PEANUTS United Feature Syndicate KOREA. Includes clothing, accessories., and snoopy pillowcase

61.Hermann Vintage Stuffed Bear - Made in Germany 

62.Star Wars Call On Yoda Interactive Figure - 2005 Hasbro - 12"
& Star Wars Fun Works Flip Books. 

63.Guardians of the Galaxy- Marvel
"I AM GROOT" Guardians of the Galaxy Dancing Baby Groot Toy
rocket raccoon 10" plush figure Rocket Raccon Vol. 1 : A Chasing Tale by Skottie Young (Marvel TPB) ROCKET RACCOON #6 (2017 MARVEL Comics)

64.Space 1999 colorforms adventure set
Space 1999 Book and Record set Breakaway
Space shuttle -Discovery plastic model

65.Wade England Wimsies 
Christmas tree star is chipped.

66.Tea set.
Some places where paint has worn off.

67.Pair of Lenox Bud Vases, Rose

68.Miniature tea set. Made in Japan.
Teapot handle has been repaired. Porcelain decor. Made in Japan.

69.Vintage Bangkok Thailand Elephant head handle Embossed Pewter Souvenir Mug Stein
Souvenir Buddha

70.Asian decorative items
Chinese reverse painting glass spheres
Chinese Girl Tiki Mugs Made In China DW147-G
Maneki Neko- Japanese lucky kitties
Golden Japanese Maneki Neko good fortune waving Lucky CAt
ben wa balls- Chinese meditation balls


71.Joie Egg items
Joie egghead timer and whisk
Joie Microwave Egg Boiley
4) Joie Piece Egghead Egg Cups and Spoons

72.1950's head vase cowgirl vase and Porcelain triple cracked egg vase with roses

73.Hand crafted folk style pottery items featuring 2 vintage art tiles one signed by Martha's Vineyard artist Heather Goff  H Goff folk tiles with an arts and crafts style Heather Goff Folk Tiles

74.Beautiful handcrafted pottery pieces including rich blue and grey tall mug and plate with smaller cup and box

75.Native  Vases
  • Seminario - Urubamba - Cusco Peru - Flower Vase
  • Navajo Sand Painted Pottery Vase by P. Morgan "Navajo Rub-Design"


76.Hand crafted art Vases
(one chipped)

77.Southwest pots

78.Puzzle pitcher reads "trink wenn du kannst" or Drink if you can.
If you figure out the puzzle , you can drink. If not you wear!

German wine mug inscribed "trink wie eure vater aus stein den wein"
meaning something to the effect of drink wine like your father out of stoneware.


80.Heavy vintage pottery flower vase

81.Tall MCM Amberina color swung slag glass vase

82.Large Vintage/antique German Wine Pitcher
Frischer Trunk labt Jäger Blut
thut auch andern Leuten gut.

Fresh drink restores hunter's blood
(and) also does other people good.

83.Two Western Germany steins

84.Two vintage steins

85.Small cups with Stein drawings

86.Two earthware steins

87.Two View Finders and Barbie pictures

88.Phillips 66 bank and vintage soap

89.Fossils lot

90.Vintage Japanese Cocktail set in Black Lacquer with Cocktail Shaker and  Glasses, Small Plates and Tray, Rice bowls and fan. 


92.Metal swan 

Made in Korea

93.Revere Magazine 16 video camera

94.Polariod camera

95.Soda King and chargers



Vintage 1000 Day Aug. Schatz & Sohne Pendulum Clock. Made in Germany.

98.Coke purse and books

99.Brownie Bank and Handbook

100.Arrows and Quiver 
fur covered and leather stitched quiver
arrows of wood with arrowheads and feathers

100A.Selection of Putumayo World Music CDs and more

Also includes Baila Sin Parar, Hot Cajun & Zydeco Tabasco, King Sunny Ade.

101.Two mythical Themed walking sticks/staffs

101A.Group of women musicians/artists including Atlanta's Melanie Hammet and Indigo Girls

102.Group of vintage ceramic pups and carnival chalks.

102A.Collectible CDs 

103.Schmid 1983 boy with trumpet and 1984 Sweetheart girl with basket
Goebel figures including Joesph( chip on hand),  boy with horse, and baby Jesus 214

104.Arcade cast iron doll furniture
bathroom fixtures and bed and dresser

105.Cast iron miniatures

106.Vintage Japanese made dollhouse furniture

107.English Vintage Staffordshire Pottery Figure Old Tom Morris
and Cockfighting ( reproduction)

108.Florida souvenir Shell Teapots, and Cloisonné teapot.

109.Handmade, Slab-built Teapot.

110.Porcelain teapot handmade by Helen Rogers.

111.Lot of dolls (Bratz, Disney)

112.Vintage and newer stuffed animals, Olympic mascot.

113.Assorted board games

114.Vintage toy cars, wine bottle holder.

115.Assorted vintage toys and other items.

116.Wooden Folk Art Mask from Guatemala and Coconut Jaguar Folk Art Mask from Mexico.

117.Dali Style Clock and Rubber Latex Body Form/Mold.

118.Folk Art Owl and CeramicDuck from Mexico.

119.Two Yixing Teapots.

120.Two Yixing Teapots, Candle Teapot Warmer, Teabag holder.

121.Onyx Chess Set from Mexico.

122.Classic Analog Chess Match Clock.

  • Book Of Etiquette by Lillian Eichler volumes I and II
  • essentials of food preparation
  • Complete Library of Cookery
  • 1917 Encyclopedia of Diet- A treatise on the food question
  • Rumford common Sense Cook Book

124.Makers of History- Illustrated Volumes II, III and XIV
by Jacob Abbott
Cyrus the Great
Alfred the Great
Henry the IV
Published by The Werner Company, Akron Ohio


125.Vintage Chemistry Study Guides.

126.Antiquarian Books
English and German Chemistry books
primarily early 20th century
includes one US government Drug study form 1912 of the Separation and Identification of small quantities of cocaine as well as characters of samples of Beeswax submitted with bids

127.Antique books - early 20th century
  • Sherlock Holmes Series Volume II- 1904
  • A Prince of Dreamers
  • Uncle Remus - His songs and His sayings
  • Dave Dashaway around the world

128.The prescriber - a dictionary of New Therapeutics by J.H. Clarke, M.D.
The little box that Could- "The complete do-it-yourself book of food storage by the oldest method known to man--drying" 1975
Calendar of Dinners with 615 recipes including the  Story of Crisco- 1915
Balanced Daily Diet

129.Art by seller, Helen Rogers.  Multi-limbed doll, Majolica glaze.

130.Art by seller, Helen Rogers.  Multi-limbed doll.

131.Rusty doll

132.Vogue and Madame Alexander

133.Old dolls (see text)

134.Hand knotted Tabriz Persian Rug
D: 9ft 9" x 6ft. 5.8"

135.Vizio 32" LCD TV


136.2008 and 2013 American dolls

137.Older Doll with Porcelain Head and Beautiful Glass Eyes.  Body is Composite, Original Clothing, Earrings.

138.Black Painted Gold Stenciled Hitchcock Style Windsor Rocker

139.Vintage cookware
Silver- Seal Hammered Aluminum Cookpot by Metalcraft
Wear-Ever 3012 camping coffee percolator
Dazey Speedo Juicer for Hoosier cabinet.
Kotral Idli maker for poached egg
Excellent Quality Stainless Steel 4 X 4 Plates makes 16 Idlies.The trays are stacked and secured through a center rod.

140.Art by seller, Helen Rogers.  Halloween Totems.

141.Vintage Lesco Lona Natural Wicker w Leather Purse Handbag w Carry Handle
Gabriella bags wicker vintage style purse
Lesco Lona wicker and leather basket bag . made in Hong Kong

142.Art by seller, Helen Rogers.

143.Assorted Christmas Decor and Rear Screen Projector with Animated Christmas and Halloween Scenes.

144.Animated Santa Claus.

145.Art by seller, Helen Rogers.  Solar Plants, based on Little Shop of Horrors character, Audrey.

146.Art by seller, Helen Rogers.

147.vintage wooden handle parasols
vintage and antique gloves
vintage hats

148.Two 1985 Vintage Spinoza Therapy Autism Bear Soeaks From The Heart W/Cassette Player. 1 has cassette, both have bad batteries- see pics

149.Brass toy trumpet French antique
Bodhran Drum Malachy Kearns Roundstone Music 8” Handmade Riverdance Drum New
Schoenhut Flea lookalike toy ukes. These are imported and distributed by Schoenhut to the toy market under license from The Magic Fluke Co. LLC

150.Doctor Who Dalek Characters in Original Packaging.

151.Vintage E.T. Character and three necklaces in original packaging.

152.Vintage Wood Ship Model (HMS Bounty) and Wooden Dollhouse Model.

153.Wooden Magic Wand with Dice in Handle.

154.Wind-Up Toys, Vintage Donald Duck Night Light, Vintage Plastic Ice Cream bicycle

155.Vintage Battery-Operated Robots.

156.Toy Story Characters.

157.Engineering and Science Toys

158.Vintage Toys

159.Vintage Toys, Satchel-type Dollhouse.

160.Collection of Vintage Models, all complete.

161.Vintage Disney Films and Disneyland Television.

162.Simpsons Halloween Figures in Original Packaging.

163.European wood toys, Wood Poodle Puppet Made In England.

164.Bingo Cards and Monopoly Cards, Money, some board markers.

165.weedeaters and attachments- need repair 2 echo have some compression front door double pane solid wood D: 32 x 79.5 x 1-11/16 thick

167.Vintage Ruby Juice and Water Glasses.  Large cake plate. 

168.vintage woven reed and Bamboo magazine rack
small vintage table ( comes with detached lower shelf- needs dowels)
brass floor lamp

169.gang of Barbies and friends

170.Art by Helen Rogers.  Hand built Doll in a Cage (with a Cage in the Doll).

171.Art by seller, Helen Rogers.

172.Haunted House T-shirts

173.New Zealand's Backhouse Original Wet Weather Wear
"Stockman" coat with 100% Oiled Japara outer & 100% cotton inner. Corduroy collar,
a Barbour company

174.Art by seller, Helen Rogers.  Halloween Earrings.

175.Art by seller, Helen Rogers.

176.Doll furniture

177.Cloth dolls

178.Braja lg top and shukr dress/top

179.Doll hair and hats

180.Art by seller, Helen Rogers.  Porcelain Doll head Pitcher and cups.

181.Art by seller, Helen Rogers. Porcelain Dollhead Sake Server and Cups.

182.Art by seller, Helen Rogers. Glass Eye Pin and Day of the Dead Head.

183.Ceramic multi-limb dolls.  Art by seller, Helen Rogers.

184.Art by seller, Helen Rogers. Ceramic Rattles

185.Art by seller, Helen Rogers.

186.Vintage, Altered Dolls in Vintage doll clothing.  Art by seller, Helen Rogers.

187.Plastic bag if doll parts

188.Dolls of the world

189.Desert Camo Jacket Large-regular
BBS 5.11 Tactical Series 80001 vest
Canteen holder- makes great belt pack for small gear

190.Art by seller, Helen Rogers. Patron Saint of Songbirds.

191.Art by seller, Helen Rogers. Fiji Mermaid.

192.Art by seller, Helen Rogers.

193.Group of artsy books

Including but not limited to:
  • Art From Found Materials Discarded and Natural
  • The Art of Polymer Clay
  • The Mosaic Book
  • A variety of Prims magazines
  • A variety of Art Doll magazines 
  • The Incredible Clay Book
  • Twirled Paper
  • Making Folk Toys and Weather Vanes
  • Cut and Assemble a Peter Pan Toy Theater
  • A Complete Guide to Altered Imagery
  • The Altered Book Scrapbook
  • Art Deco Small Frames and Borders (ready to use)
  • Learn to Paint and Draw
  • ... and more!

194.Group of books about paper art, paper dolls, and crafting

Including but not limited to:
  • Play with Paper
  • Miniatures: How to Make Them, Use Them, and Sell Them
  • Making Victorian Doll House Furniture
  • Betty Bonnet paper dolls
  • Princess Diana Fashion paper dolls in full color
  • How to Make Origami Airplanes that Fly
  • Holiday Origami
  • ... and more!

195.Group of books of spells and more!

Including but not limited to:
  • The Hobbit Companion
  • Harry Potter Collectors Handbook
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events: The End
  • The Warlock
  • Wildwood
  • Under Wildwood
  • A variety of Halloween Comic Fests
  • Ink Spell
  • also includes Harry Potter figurine of Professor Snape and Harry Potter valentines

196.Group of healing and home remedies books

Including but not limited to,
  • Chinese Herbal Cures
  • The Essential Oils Book
  • Healing with Plants
  • Chinese System of Food Cures
  • The Therapeutic Guide to Herbal Medicines
  • Medicinal Herbs in the Bible
  • The Old Farmer's Almanac of Traditional Home Remedies
  • Infusions of Healing
  • Folk Medicine
  • The Green Pharmacy
  • ... and more!

197.Teeny/Beanie Babies

198.Dog Lot

Lot including dog related items.

199.Group of eclectic books

Including but not limited to:
  • Umpah - Pah, Band 3: Die Rothaut
  • Der Kampf der Hauptlinge
  • Asterix bei den Briten
  • Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book
  • Cinderhazel: The Cinderella of Halloween
  • Holy Terrors: Gargoyles on Medieval Buildings
  • Your Book of Shadows: How to Write Your Own Magical Spells
  • Mind Grenades: Manifestos from the Future
  • Pop Art
  • Post Secret
  • ... and more!

200.Various Cake Toppers

201.Group of Magical Fun 
  • Money Magic
  • Classic Magic
  • Magic Cards
  • Pocket Magic 
  • Vintage Catalog of Popular Magic 
  • Vintage Magical Tricks 
  • Includes cool box 

202.Two black hooded caped with a matching forest themed Wiccan hat

203.Ren faire, Festival, Dragon Con Cosplay or just fun Clothing
Very Cool Cape

2) Vintage Dresses

205.Ren faire, Festival, Dragon Con Cosplay or just fun Clothing
Vintage Furs & More

206.Cosplay Clothing
several fun pieces 

207.Cosplay Clothing

208.Ikea Scarf Holder includes Scarves and Belts. 

209.Cosplay Clothing

210.Cosplay Clothing

211.Art by seller, Helen Rogers.  Fairy Dolls

212.Art by seller, Helen Rogers.  Halloween Clowns.

213.Art by seller, Helen Rogers.

214.Art by seller, Helen Rogers.  Halloween-themed decapitated statues

215.Art by seller, Helen Rogers.  Halloween themed Decapitated Statues.

216.Group of children's books

Including but not limited to:
  • Curious George Photograph Album
  • Mammals
  • Amphibians
  • I Can't Believe it's History: Fun Facts From Around the World
  • Horses of the World Coloring Book (some pages previously colored)
  • The Real Mother Goose
  • Twas the Night Before Hanukkah
  • Jimmy's Trucks
  • Walt Disney's Comics and Stories 
  • Ghostbusters
  • Runway Rhymes
  • The Sorcerer's Apprentice
  • ... and more!

217.Group of manuals and text books - great for preppers !

Including but not limited to:
  • US Army Survival Manual (2)
  • American Red Cross First Aid Textbook
  • Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards (from CDC)
  • Explosives Identification Guide
  • Field Operations Guide for Disaster Assessment and Responses
  • ... and more!

218.Group of art books

Including but not limited to:
  • The Encyclopedia of Calligraphy Techniques (2)
  • Lettering and Calligraphy
  • Mola Making
  • How to Make Pottery and other Ceramic Ware

219.Fossil Handbags

220.Travel Purses.

221.Lily bloom  and  Limited Edition bags

222.Lot of Purses. graphic t-shirts and lightly used Levis and wranglers jeans, Carhartt shorts and anew pair of Dickies
mostly 34-34 and 35-34

225.kimono and several cool ties

226.Tights, leggings, tees and small bags

227.Variety of leather and bohemian bags

228.Closet full of  clothes, bags, shoes, belts and more
includes professional dress, button shirts, cool casual wear, capris, handbags,skirts, pjs, camisoles, socks,  sports wear. costume fishnets, wallets.
FS Limited 1x black wool coat
Names include Ashley Stuart, JJill, style-n-co, Appraisal, paper crane, covington, ruby road woman, eyeshadow, cold water creek, harlow and rose, Chicos, Worthington, Eileen West, oleg cassini, biagio, Annabelle, mirasol, studio I, Kim Rogers, Lane bryant.
Sizes range 14, 16, 16short, 18, med, large, 
top sizes  med, lg, xlg, 16, 1x 18-20, petite lg, 
chico sz 2 

shoes :  clarks, shoes (8.5 mostly), Betula 39-L8( Berkenstock family), Brahma steel toe tennis shoes(7.5), Asics 7, columbia hiking boots sz 8.

229.Mens closet 
Georgetown leather coat ( sz sm)
REI rain jacket xl
Graghhoppers9 outdoor short with insect shield - sz lg 
Columbia thrive farmers coffee shirt - sz lg
Outdoor life- lg
Weatherproof jacket - sz xl 
columbia fleece- lg
1996 Olympic sweatshirt
other names include Calvin Klein, Eddie Bauer, Oscar DeLaRenta, Michelsons studio, Van Heuson, Jos A Banks, Nike fit dry, Bentley, Ashworth, Under Armour, ultra club and John Henry

Aruba outdoor hat
2 pr Desert storm steel toe boots-  worn

230.derby hat, hand stitched ethnic hat, Irish newsboy cap

231.Nightmare before Christmas

232.Dolls and dolls with issues includes effenbee 1700 brude, pocelain and others

233.Large Group of Scrapbooking supplies, Valentines, stickers for every holiday & More. See photos.

234.Vintage ephemera

235.Handiwork, doilies, lacework, tatting, vintage handkerchiefs, vintage baby clothes and more

238.Art by seller, Helen Rogers. Fairy Riders.

239.Art by seller, Helen Rogers.

240.Art by seller, Helen Rogers.  Flower Pins, Pinhead, Vintage Raggedy Anne Doll.

241.trunk tray included but doesn't fit this trunk

242.REI backpacks and sleeping bag/inflatable mattress

When deflated, mattress is 62x78

243.Low Alpine Contour III backpack

244.Vintage Kelty backpack

245.Vintage Gerry sleeping bag and waterproof bag

246.Eddie Bauer sleeping bag

247.Outdoor Cooking Items

248.Two Coleman Lanters

249.Computer fans, made in W-Germany

250.large crafty lot of wooden decorative items
including antique wooden scoop
rolling horse and cat pull toys
Wind-up Musical Santa puppeteer 
Skiing Santa

252.small wire and wood birdcage
small wire dome decorative bird cage

253.decorative bird cages( for candles or decor) large metal leaf footed tray, and Butterfly with tulip lamp of boxes including a sunshine buiscuit tin, a cigar box purse and more

255.lanterns and cool votive holders
includes converted Antique Rayo Center Draft Kerosene Oil Lamp
original pottery piece with lantern
biscuit jar converted to candle holder 
very cool arched glass and metal piece 

256.Vintage Americana decor
wooden candlesticks, 2 wooden decorative harps, basket pra with quilted hearts, bunnies and cats
Very large basket and seth thomas clock( not working nor complete)

257.Halloween art and decor including 
macabre Horse 
papermache day of the dead skull
candle holder spire with doll heads 
black mask
goulish doll with snacks
stone gargoyle
light up white and purple skull lot of wooden Americana decor including a couple of corn husk bunnies 

259.Books with Native American topics

260.Shitsu therapy
Buddhism key stage II
Healing remedies
native trees of Georgia
barefoot doctor
hand book of storage ( natural ) pest control
pure land recitation handbook
Wise woman child bearing years

261.Books about Central America

262.Books about home renovation/improvement, historical homes, folk art, American history, folk tales, and mountain history

263.Books about art includes the portfolio series by Canaday

264.Books about science with a focus on chemistry

Includes field epidemiology, toxicology, and bio weapons.

265.Group of costume books

Including but not limited to:
  • Mexican Indian Costumes
  • Vintage Clothing 1880 - 1980
  • Costumes for the Stage
  • ... and more!

266.Group of presidential history books

Including but not limited to:
  • The Life of Thomas Jefferson
  • The Excellency George Washington
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • The Young Hamilton
  • Paul Revere
  • ... and more!

267.Group of Olympic books

Including but not limited to:
  • The 1984 Olympics handbooks
  • The Official Olympic Souvenirs Program
  • 1968 U.S. Olympic Book
  • 1972 U.S. Olympic Book
  • 1952 U.S. Olympic Book
  • ... and more!

268.Group of Olympic books

Including but not limited to:
  • The Olympics: A History of Modern Games
  • Faster, Higher, Farther
  • Women's Triumphs and Disasters at the Olympics
  • The Olympic Story
  • The Story of the Olympics
  • Stars of the Olympics
  • Modern Olympic Superstars
  • The Self-Made Olympian
  • The Ancient Olympic Games
  • ... and more!

269.Group of Olympic books

Including but not limited to:
  • The Olympic Flame
  • Shooting for the Gold
  • Atlanta '96
  • Official US Olympic Training Table Cookbook
  • 1996 Olympic Games Cookbook
  • 1996 United States Olympic Team
  • ... and more!

270.Reference books on antique pottery and glass

Antique reference books on glass and pottery, featuring UHL, Zanesville, Fiesta, Fenton, Flow Blue, American Glass, Carnival Glass, and more.

271.Reference books on antiques and collectibles

Antique reference books on antiques and collectibles, including kitchen collectibles, Antiques Roadshow, antique porcelain, pottery, American county furniture, and more!

272.Vegan and vegetarian cookbooks

273.Large lot of cookbooks

274.Group of collectibles reference books including toys, art nouveau, matchbook art, coins, junk, carousel animals. Also includes The Coming Collectible Boom, Martin Miller's Antiques.

275.Large lot of CD's
various genre's and artists- seephotos
includes plastic storage

please not: we did a random check to see presence of cds in cases. - didn't check all the ones we spot checked were there.

276.Large lot of CD's
various genre's and artists - see photos
includes plastic storage

please not: we did a random check to see presence of cds in cases. - didn't check all the ones we spot checked were there.

277.Large lot of CD's
various genre's and artists - see photos
includes plastic storage

please not: we did a random check to see presence of cds in cases. - didn't check all the ones we spot checked were there.

283.National Geographic Hardcover Books  - 12
Time-Life The Ages of Man
Time-Life The American Wilderness
Rand McNally Great Geographical Atlas
James Randklev- Georgia
Journey in to China
Peter Matthiessen The Tree where man was born/ Eliot Porter The American Experience
Atlas of America

284.Books on Gardening and Landscaping

285.Travel Guides to the US and the World

286.mix of books with focus on Humor
includes vintage MAD magazine books , FAr Side Encyclopedia of Magic, Southern Humor, Stephen Colbert and more

288.2 shelves of books on literature and writing and more

290.Books on Myths, Fairy tales,and fables and understanding them.

291.Sports topics and Olympic souvenirs
TAZ Looney Tunes figure -Olympic Discus thrower( hard to find)
IZZY Atlanta Olympic mascot
Rings Five Passions in World Art
Play it again Bud
Coming on Strong - Gender and Sexuality in 20th Century Womens Sports
Sport - A Cultural History
Table tennis and stories for guys

292.Coffee table books

293.Lets go fishing!
Encyclopedia of Fishing
Fishing for Dummies, Fishermans Digest, tactics on trout and Big Trout radio

also the Toastmasters handbook so you can practice in front of the fish:)

294.Variety of Books primarily with a focus on health
Superfoods by David Wolfe
Lipsmackin Vegitarian Backpackin
Total nutrition
Eating Well through Cancer
Gourmet Meatless Cuisine
Indian Vegetarian Cookery
The Anti-Cancer book
books on fighting cancer
The Raw food Detox diet
Peak Condition
Family Medical Guide

plus the corning museum of glass

295.Books on Archeology, Egypt , Vikings, Greeks, medieval people, seafaring in ancient Egypt and more

296.Dan Brown- Origin
Decoding The Lost Symbol by Simon cox

  • The Emanuel Point Ship Archeological Investigations 1992- 1995
  • The Emanuel Point Ship Archeological Investigations 1997- 1998
  • Lost Warships - Archeological Tour of War at Sea- Delgado
  • Prehistory Press - Provenience Studies and Bronze Age Cyprus

298.Books on Marks
US Marks on Pottery Porcelain and Clay
Pictorial Guide to Pottery and Porcelain Marks
English Ceramics
antique Trader Pottery and Porcelain Ceramics guide
2019 Slotin auction catalog

299.small microwave
vintage warmer
4) Ionic breeze machines( not tested)

300.Full reclining sofa and loveseat in excellent condition by PeopLoungers, Inc
The company which had a great reputation within the industry among retailers and manufacturers.


Amy Martin Auctioneer