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Amy Martin Auctions
Gwinnett Chiropractic Office - Closing Friday May 29th, 2020 starting at 6pm

Item Description
1.Lifesize Spine model on stand
flexible and lifelike
D: stand-36" tall'
model-28" tall x width at pelvic girdle 11"

2.Half Moon Entryway Table
D: 34.5"h x 39.5"w x 20"d

3.Wooden frame & tin mirror 45"h x 37"w x 3"d

4.wineglass style votive-12"
cypress bowl/card holder 8" diameter approx

5.Bombay X-Parker Demilune-JX
Demilune console
31-1/2" × 16"deep× 30-1/4" tall

6."Study - Old&Young"
Bernard Nabozny
D: 24×26-1/2"

  • Metal and wood plant stand- 27"hx x10.5"w
  • Vase 17.5"h with faux floral spray
  • Wooden Vase 14.5"h with faux floral spray total 42"h

8.Live plants in Chinese pot with decorative woven mat

9.pair of upholstered arm chairs

complementary to chairs in lot 10

10.pair of upholstered arm chairs 
some fading on fabric, otherwise great condition
complementary to chairs in lot 9

10A.The Spinalator Intersegmental Chiropractic Traction Massage Roller Table
Rolling Table P.N. 65284B with Maxi-Torq
in great working condition

11.Butler Furniture Channing Olive Ash Burl Traditional  Rectangular Console Table in medium Brown
D: 30"h x 22"w x 15"d
About Butler Furniture and why this table originally sold for between $300-400+
Butler Specialty Furniture is an furniture industry leader in accent furniture. With a vast selection of more than 2,000 items spanning a broad array of product types in styles from traditional to modern, each item is created to be “The Brightest Spot In Your Room.”

Founded in 1930 by Martin Fainman and Harry Bergman, Butler got its start as a manufacturer of clock shelves and radio benches. Over time, its range of novelty accent furniture expanded to include tables, valets, costumers, wall racks, curios and more. Every unique item was crafted to exacting standards giving each a high perceived value and a quality story that became the basis for the brand. That uncompromising attention-to-detail endures today with every product

12.Framed Mirror with gold gilt gesso style frame
total measurements: 29" x 41"

13.2) Fairfield upholstered armchairs

14.4) Fairfield upholstered armchairs

15. Rad (Radiographic) Room with:
  • TXR Controller 325D Standard frequency
  • Tingle X-Ray Products Tubestand 13-SM-84
  • Midwest Grid Cabinet GC-NS 13851
  • Linear X-RAy Collimator MC-150 REF 70-63000 sn FE01030
  • Toshiba Rotanode E7239FX  Insert Model E7239
  • Tingle X-Ray Products Transformer TXR 325-1

Seller states all is still in use and functioning well.
Please see video or make an appointment to come and view. This unit comes with no warranty or guarantee of longevity 
Please note: This video contains several lots in the Auction. Lots 15, 16, 16A, 16B, 16C, 16D and 17 are all sold separately

  • Konica Medical Film Processor SRX-101A
  • Metal table -27" high x 25-1/2" across x 22-1/2" deep
  • new chem blend automatic fixer solution by simon
  • and misc chemicals including developer
  • 2) Safety lights

*Sink shown in images not included

Seller states all is still in use and functioning well.
Please see video or make an appointment to come and view. This unit comes with no warranty or guarantee of longevity.

Please note: This video contains several lots in the Auction. Lots 15, 16, 16A, 16B, 16C, 16D and 17 are all sold separately

16A.Spectroline E-series ultraviolet hand lamp with copy film cassettes

Seller states all is still in use and functioning well.
Please see video or make an appointment to come and view. This unit comes with no warranty or guarantee of longevity
Please note: This video contains several lots in the Auction. Lots 15, 16, 16A, 16B, 16C, 16D and 17 are all sold separately

16B.Green film cassettes
2) 24x30cm Tallent X-ray services 400 green
4) CEA intensifying screens for X-ray 35x43cm
includes partial bottle x-ray screen cleaner

16C.X-RAy Film storage box with film

16D.Group  x-ray cassettes various makers and sizes
silver inside
5) 10x12
3) 11x14
8) 14x 17

17.S&S  X Ray Products Automatic Identifier  model 144

17A.Cocktail and side table with scrolling iron base and Glass and Wood  top
D:54" x 34x 19.5"h
D:25× 30" x 27.5"h

18.Contents of play room. Mickey Mouse Table, Playscapes Mirror, Books & more.

19.Framed corkboard D: 49"w×37-1/2"
acrylic phamplet displays- wall mount and tabletop
small office trashcan

20.U.S. Table Hi Low drop table with fully adjustable head piece with drops recently recovered with Nytek (800.00 expense to recover) foam and table in excellent working condition.

20A.Brand New - Never Used Ritter 204 Manual Examination table
By Midmark 

21.Clinton Industries PT table with under-shelf and drawer

22.Welch Allyn viewer light- case incomplete
128c 512 c 256c forks
reflex hammer
Jamar Hydraulic dynamometer
Blood pressure cup with extra sphygmomanometer
magnetic polycast protector empire measurement tool

23.Newport Portable Massage table with Adjustable Face Cradle & Auto lock legs in Hunter Green with Cherry finished Legs- Fitmaster
Includes bag, support board, pillow, and rolling stool

Note: slight tear in cover on top section of table- see photo

24.Vintage Burdick medical cabinet
23"h x 21"w x 15"d

25.Health-O-Meter Professional scale with 150lb addirional counterweight

26.Radiation concepts x-ray viewer Box
D: 29" x 20 x 3-1/2" deep

27.Living Ficus tree lovingly cared for for over 20 years
Total height approx 6'6" to.7'6"

28.Radiation Concepts X ray illuminator
D: 29" w x 20"h x 3.5"d

28A.Hot light by Radiation Concepts for assistance viewing darker x-Rays and X-Ray measurement tools- parallel glider and wescott 15" rule and protractor and film markers

29.Antique 4 Drawer Wagemaker Quartersawn Oak File Cabinet Grand Rapids MI circa 1910
Originally a manufacturer of wooden flat-top and roll-top desks, filing cabinets, filing systems and supplies and specialty cabinet work. Later the company switched the production from wooden furniture to wooden pleasure boats.
Year Opened - 1899 Year Closed - 1960

30.Floral Still life Painting on canvas in Gold gilt gesso wood frame
D: Framed 44" high x 32"w

31.wall mount tv and 2 digital frames

32.Chattanooga elevating Spinalator model 8900 Leather Adjustment Table with a lumbar drop, break-away thoracic chest piece, fully adjustable head piece and leg extension and elevation.

33.Executive Desk

D: 67-1/2"x 34-1/2"x30" high
matches credenza and workdesk in 33A

33A.Extended Credenza with Bookcase and Extended Desk with  Lateral files
2 Pieces of Executive Suite
D: Credenza-9'7" x 19" deep x 29-1/2" high
 bookcase-56-1/4"x 14" x 52-1/2"  on top of credenza( not attached)
Extended Desk with lateral files-9'7" x 19" x 29-1/2" high
kneehole space 56" wide

Please note : Desk shown in photo is NOT included in this lot. It is being sold in lot 33

34.Ritter by Midmark rolling stool
model 193-001-216

35.Complete Skeletal figure /Skeleton Figure approx height 35 to 36" x 6 to 7"wide
Total height with stand approx 37"

35A.Newport Portable Massage table with Adjustable Face Cradle, Arm rest & Auto lock legs in Hunter Green with Cherry finished Legs- Fitmaster
Includes bag and rolling stool
great condition


36.Three vintage Human Body Study Posters

36A.G.E. Fridge TFX24V
23.6cu ft No Frost Refrigerator-Freezer
36"w x 29"(31" including handles) deep x 67" h
Note: Buyer must bring plug and tools to disconnect from waterline if necessary

36B.Goldstar Microwave
Model MA-6200 B
D:19"w x 11" h x 13" deep

37.Group of exam gowns

38.Charts and Displays

39.Advertising Flag :"Walk-Ins Welcome"
Swooper Feather Flag with poles
missing ground stake

40.Vintage H. Cuinier Massage Machine G5 Type K3 - Made in France
NO 25165
Cool retro stand and multiple heads. online store is still open and you can stil purchase accessories and applicators.

From the G5 website: The main benefits provided by G5® massage and percussion modalities include:

  • Powerful deep massage, or percussion, without tiring the therapist.
  • Shorter treatment time, which allows the therapist to treat more clients.
  • Combines "hands on" massage and percussion techniques with the benefits of a quiet but powerful assistive modality.

41.Vintage Italian Figural prints on board and small frame mirror(heavy plastic with damage to back- still functions and can't see from front- see photos)

42.3) Spinal models - dereme 3 -spinal degeneration with removable figures
poster and signs

43.Fold up slanted shelf
48"h x 23"w x 12"d  overall
lowest shelf 11" deep to top shelf 8-1/4" deep

44.Large demilune table with beautiful inlay design and cutouts on top
also includes glass insert protector
D: 30"h x 51"w x 21"d

45.Chiropractor art including signed and numbered 161/9800 print by B. Davis
"The Doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."
D: 28-1/2" x 37"

46.Small round painted white antique table with vintage style lamp
Table 27"h

47.Brother - HL-L2370DW Wireless Black-and-White Laser Printer - Gray

48.3) Fairfield upholstered arm chairs
complementary to chairs in lots 14 and 15

49.OrthoFeet Orthodic Systems Biothotic Profunction and sport
includes 15  in various sizes
includes syringe and felt arch and metatarsal pads

50.5) Viscolas Heel spur cushions includes mens 11-13, and men 5-7/women 7-9
3) Ultra Performer Insoles boys and mens sizes 11, 12 and 13
1)anti-fatigue insoles( men 5-7/women 7-9)

50A.Executive Enclosed Whiteboard cabinet
great condition
D: 4'×4'×3-1/2"

51.4) boxes of Thera-Band Exercise bands
thin, med, heav , and special heavy resistance
see photos for remaining bands lengths

52.Vintage office arm chair with curved back

53.Book shelf
D: 36" tall x 36 wide x 12" deep

  • Backboard
  • Roll/ bolster
  • pelvic sacral blocks

55.Scantron Scanmark 2250 Test Answer Reader

55A.Pair of MCM style Retro black upholstered
Mad Men style office chairs

56.File Doctor Alphabetic  Pressure Sensitive Labels
and more - see photos

57.Power point presentations on disc
  • New solutions to Arthritis pain
  • five secrets to permanent weight loss
  • new solutions to eliminate joint pain
  • how to know your children are on drugs

58.Horizon Mini B 642 Spectrum Laboratory Network
Continuous -duty horizontal centrifuge.
in box. We did not remove form box and did not check for functionality or completeness.

59.Vintage style office decor
  • Brass Caduceus Bookends
  • Ungt Zinci jar with symbol of Staff of Asklepios 
  • Seiko wall clock
  • Hallway Room designators 
  • vintage wooden stacked tray

60.Six health and chiropractic posters

60A.HP Deskjet 6980 Digital Photo Inkjet Printer
in use at this time

  • Konica Minolta page pro 1350w Laser Printer
  • Ativa HD pro 1400 shredder

62.Lateral file
36"wide x52"tallx18"deep
note all file folders will be removed before pickup

  • Office Chair
  • Rolling side table with flip-up writing board
  • 2-drawer file cabinet

64.Panasonic KV S2026C Pass-Through Scanner

65.2) Duraflame model 9HM1000-C240 with boxes
1) electric air heater H414st

66.Fun Vintage Art - Chiropractors at work!

67.Skyline Displays, Inc's Montage Trade booth/Show display
Comes in two hard cases with wheels and creates a 5 section backdrop for trade show display booth


  • Antique Gesso and Wooden Oval Framed Mirror ( note damage to gesso at the top of the frame)
    D:approx 27x23 
  • Victorian Rose Carved Tufted Boudoir chair

69.small shelf and two drawer rolling file cabinet

70.Professional Retractable Banner display with carrying case
easy to get custom banner created at kinkos or other print shop

70A.Z-Shade popup tent 10x10 Commercial Shelter with sides, spikes, weight plates, and wheeled travel case

71.1)  inTENSity 10 Tens Unit 
by Stymco
Electrotherapy device
in case

72.2) inTENSity 10 Tens Unit
by Stymco
Electrotherapy device
in case
Includes Electrode Placement Chart. 

73.Care Rehab Care Select Stim
Tens/NMS Unit 
New In Box

74.Two Tens and One EMG Kit

EMG - Electromyography
Sometimes referred to as biofeedback, this procedure is very similar to routine electro-cardiography (ECG). While ECG measures the activity of the cardiac muscle, EMG measures the electrical activity of contracting skeletal muscles. Muscle activity produces electrical signals that can be detected through the skin with surface electrodes. The magnitude of electrical activity is proportional to the strength of the contraction. Thus, surface EMG can quantify muscle activity non-invasively. Common uses include muscle re-education, post-op knee rehabilitation, hand rehabilitation, work hardening, posture training, relaxation, stress management training, and incontinence.

Common Uses
Muscle re-education
Post-op knee rehabilitation
Hand rehabilitation
Work hardening
Posture training
Stress management training

75.LSI  Internal arm and shoulder Immobilizer
2)Bear Hug Back Braces XL and XXL
1) 6-stay Lumbar Belt with pad  sz.XXL

76.Comfortland Discovery Universal Maximum Back Brace ds-8x 

77.Three Back Braces.. Aspen & Summit, See Photos 
Medium and One Size 
From the makers website:The Summit™ 631 LSO limits motion and provides effective trunk support with targeted compression. Utilizing innovative materials and an ergonomic design, the Summit 631 LSO contours comfortably to the vast majority of patient anatomies without compromising support.

78.Summit 631 Large Back Brace

79.Posture Pump Disk Hydrator 

80.Starr Traction Cervical Traction Device with Case
"Specifically designed to heal neck pain and offer maximum comfort, this traction device is a popular and reliable choice for those looking to treat cervical issues. It features a patented hand pump that allows you to effortlessly modify traction force and snug cushioned surfaces for added relaxation. The device has a design that does not require assembly and is purported to be easy to use."

81.Over-door Traction Set by Core Products 
Model Number 24300

82.Star Traction Cervical Traction Device with Case 

83.3) Chiropractic framed full-page ads from early 1900's 
  • 31 May 1902 Davenport Times advertisement for the Palmer Chiropractic School and Infirmary
  • 14 June 1902 Davenport Times advertisement for the Palmer Chiropractic School and Infirmary
  • The eleventh year of the Chiropractic

25" x 19"

84.Print of Michelangelo's Creation of Adam
Frame measures approx: 44" x 35" 

85.11+/-) Chiropractic themed posters ( most framed)
2) Framed Nature Photographs of a Beach and rolling Desert hills.

86.Glass Top Table, Measures: 28"h x 48"w x 17"d. Glass originally not cut for table. Includes a faux stone waterfall. Waterfall is in good working order.

87.8)  Functional Medicine Themed Framed posters

88.Two Large Faux plants in planters

89.Wooden Easel, Two Display Easels, & Two Push Pin Boards.

90.Two office chairs, mirror, and floor lamp. 

91.Group of medical office frames

92.Chiropractic posters of the spine, muscle & Nervous System. Includes a new poster frame

93.Four outdoor photos

94.Five outdoor prints
Miners Castle at lake Superior Michigan and Whitewater Falls, near Cashiers North Carolina.
(4 match)
Frame measures: 37" x 27"
Matching prints measure 32" x 28"

95.Pneumatic Ergonomic Kneeling Chair by JDI Group 

96.LLoyd table company serial #42657
used for spinal screening for alignment diagnostics

97.Dual Dia-Sonic ME50 Unattended ultrasound machine
Mettler electronics
model d39934

98.Two Monitors
Samsung 710vw
Old School Dell Monitor

99.AOC Color Monitor. With HP mouse and keyboard

100.20"Toshiba Flat Color Television and DVD Video Player
good for gaming
headphone jack
video,audio, digital, audio out and cable jacks

101.Supply Closet contents including office supplies and blank forms, etc.

102.Two small settees and faux ficus 

103.Baskets, Decor, Gift Basket Wrap, & More

104.Cabinet Measuring 71"h x 29.5"w  x 16.5"d 
Contents not included. 

105.Mobile sphygmomanometer by American Diagnostic Corporation

106.Books on Anatomy, Neuroanatomy, Orthopaedic Neurology and more!

107.Variety of books including topics such as: vintage sensual massage, backpacking, jazz, plants, words, and love

108.Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary
The Merck Manual
DeGowin & DeGowins Bedside Diagnostic Examination
Barbara Bates guide to Examination and History Taking
Community Health


109.2002 and 2003 PDR for nonpresciption drugs and supplements
Hand book for NonPrescription Drugs- 7th Edition

110.General Organic and iochemistry
The Review of Natural Products
Medical Botany
Human Nutrition
Understanding Clinical Nutrition
Why Zebras don't get ulcers
Parents Guide to Prevention-Growing up Drug Free
Parents guide to Asthma

111.Hidden Food allergies are making you fat
Disease Delusion
Ultra metabolism
Diet for a new America
Dr. Gundry's Diet Evolution
Management of Essential Hypertension
Growth Hormone
Power of Self Healing

112.Hand Reflexology
Soft tissue pain and disability
Inside Out Health
Follow your gut

113.Framed photography
Waterfall- Tahquamenon Falls - Upper Peninsula Michigan

114.Office accessories, acrylic POS stands, file cubbie, whiteboard, and electronics( untested)

115.frames, hole punches, calculators, clipboards, bookends, and portable dvd player

116.Books on Chiropractic Care, Radiology, and much more

117.5) Floor light up-lights
short can-style

118.FAux grenery with decorative tchotchke

119.Two Promotional Banners

120.Smith Coroana SL 575 Typewriter
with Spell Right Dictionary
Model 5A-A

121.Human Touch Massage Chair Parts (new) for HT-125 chair
includes leg Massager and leg massager lift motor

122.X-Ray mailer Envelopes with cardboards inserts

123.2 small side tables and coat rack

124.small adjustable height plastic top table
vintage folding card table
3) folding metal chairs

126.3) folding carts

127.Vintage Radiant Super Champion Roll Up Projector Screen

128.Optima DMD Projection Display EP 719

129.Xenon 6-Light Kit with Dimmer

130.Cool Rock:)
approx: 4x6"

131.Card holder and figure of Jesus washing feet

132.Maxchief folding table by ZOWN- ( cool video on YouTube about how tough this table is- check it out)
comes with 4 folding chairs with padded seats and tablecloth

133.Sony Model CDP-C535 Compact Disc Player

134.Wooden folding ladder, water dispenser, lexan literature holders, valcom power supply and mirror ( behind water cooler in photo) located in storage closet.
other items in storage closet nfs

135.Two Christmas Wreaths with hangers and small garland spray

Please note: This is located up a flight of stairs.

136.Holiday Decoration Lot including Tree, lights, Fall decor, light  clips, nutcrackers, basket and poinsettias
Please note: This is located up a flight of stairs.

137.Tall Lateral file with cantilever door( a bit off track) and file cubbie
Please note: This is located up a flight of stairs. of very clean office trash cans

139."The Highway to Heaven - No "U" turn".
Vintage Framed photograph of the
Machinaw bridge connecting the upper peninsula to lower Michigan. 
Photograph take by our seller.


Amy Martin Auctioneer