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Sold and Closed! Big Blow-Out Auction for All About Props!! - Closing Sunday, March 28, 2021 starting at 2pm

Item Description
4.Click into the links below see video tours of some of the rooms in this Blow out Auction!

5.Atlanta City Backdrop - with Faux Window Wall
25ft wide x 12ft tall

4 - 9.5 ft tall x 53in wide Faux Windows
Stage Window Unit - Faux Window Panes - Wood
Framing what is behind the window

6.Vintage Table / Desk
Leafs pull out to enlarge table - Desk drawer
Metal Top with wood legs

6A.Mid Century Modern Kidney Table Top
No legs or base - Top only
50 in longs - width varies from 29in to 17in
Top is setting on an ottoman for presentation in photos

7.Fake 7ft Tall Saguaro Cactus
Plastic including plastic tines (stickers)
90in tall  16in diameter

10A.Pirate Ship Facade
30 ft long x 10 ft tall x 2 ft thick
Numbered Pieces to be assembled
Ship is mounted on 4 - 6ft x 6ft x 16in platforms - not included
Ship dressing in front of the ship on the dock - including dock, barrels, cannon are not included (Cannons on the dock are available in Lot 2 and Lot 3 of this auction)
Dressing on the ship - Netting, 2 Parrots is Included, Cannon muzzles shown on ship are included.

11.Prop Industrial / Factory Bridge
Build for Advertising Shoot

12.10ft x 6ft - Vinyl Pride Flag
2 Separate Flags mirrored meant to be attached back to back
Used in 2007 Pride parade

14.2 Faux Concrete Wall Pedestal
14in tall x 9in wide

15.4ft tall x 7ft long x 18in deep Lighted letter M (small case)

15A.Lighted 8ft tall x 4ft wide x 18in deep letter b (small case)

16.XXL Gold Ornate Framed Painting
52in wide x 39in tall x 4in thick
Exquisite Frame
Picture hung at Atlanta RKO office for 30 years

16A.Inflatable Tiki Arch
9ft tall x 7ft wide x 2ft deep

17.2 Shopping Basket Holders/Stackers
22 total shopping baskets

18.Mirror Ball - 22in tall x 19in wide
missing some mirror tiles


20.Faux Antique Phone
18in tall x 12in wide x 12in deep

21.Bar Mirror
24in wide x 20in tall

22.Gilbert Erector Set - Automatic Radar Scope
275 Parts

23.All the Contents remaining in Weapons Room
Assorted Fake Guns, Knifes, Axes, Swords, Gun Belts, Bows, Arrows and more  - See Video Link

24.Edison Ediphone
1920`s - 1940`s vintage Dictating Machine
12in long x 12in tall

25.Spooky Halloween Lot
2 Moving Jaw Masks
2 Schools Fool Masks
Bad Teeth Mask
Brunnhilde Helmet with Pigtails
Old Woman Mask
Bald - Big Stache Mask
Ron Jan Hat with fake hair
3 Deckhand Costumes
1 Dreadlock Wig
3 Black Afro Wigs
Scarecrow with wheelbarrow of pumkins - small
Pirate Head - Table top Decor
2 Skeleton Heads
3 Small Scarecrows - tallest 8in tall
9in tall Vulture Head Up
Skull with Red Marble Eyes
2 Sheep Head masks
1 Lower Jaw Face mask attachment
1 Big Nose & Stache Mask
Moving Jaw Mask
2 Phantom of the Opera style masks
2 Small Scarecrows - 24in tall
1 Zombie Scarecrow Mannequin

25A.Witch Head in `Crystal` Ball 23in diameter
Green `Plexi` Ball - 12in tall

25B.Box of 42 Brain `stress` balls
Box 0f 52 Heart `stress` balls 
Wizard of Oz Brains and Hearts

26.Glacier Bay Pedestal Sink
35in tall x 26in wide x 21in deep

27.Wicker Hope Chest
32in long x 16in deep x 16in tall

28.Card File Cabinet - Small Item or Tool Storage
52in tall x 15in wide x 29in deep
8 Drawers

29.12 Presentation and Hi Quality Flags - USA and State Flags
1 - 5ft x 3ft Nylon USA 50 stars Flag
2 - 5ft x 3ft Poly USA Flag
1 - poly 18in x 15in RWB banner
1 - 4ft x 3ft Poly USA Flag
1 - State of GA Presentation Flag - 5ft x 3ft
2 - State of GA 5ft x 3ft Poly Flags
1 - State of Colorado Presentation Flag - 5ft x 3ft
1 - State of GA Presentation Flag - 5ft x 3ft (1956 - 2001) Flag
1 - 48in x 30in Poly Cotton USA Flag
1 - Stanford University 5ft x 3ft Poly Flag

29A.Lot of official Government Office and Military Flags
5ft x 3ft - US Air Force Flag
5ft x 3ft - US Navy Flag
Qty 2 - 5ft x 3ft - US Marine Corps Flag
5ft x 3ft - US Coast Guard Flag
5ft x 3ft - US Army Flag
Qty 2 - 5ft x 3ft - Presidential Seal Presentation Flag
5ft x 3ft - State of Louisiana Flag
5ft x 3ft - Department of Justice Flag
5ft x 3ft - Department of Health Flag

30.Office Supplies - Contents of 6 Shelves (Shelving not Included) 
12 Desk Blotters,  14 Desk Calendars - Blotter Size
1 Wood Rolling Typewriter Stand, 5 Magazine Holders
2 Wire File Sorter/Holder, 10 Black wire in/out baskets, 4 Rolodex
1 metal slide inde address list, 5 small desktop flip calendars
1 metal Order Pad mulit copy forms, 1 small money box
1 standard register cash drawer, 1 metal file folder box locking
1 in/out board, 1 shelf of desk top accessories, 4 tape dispensers
8 staplers, 2 large staplers, 1 warehouse paper packing tape dispenser, 3 plastic packing tape dispensers, 3 3Hole Punches, 3 pencil sharpeners, 16 small chalkboards, Box of Chalkboard Erasers and chalk, 2 printer stands, 5 wire desk accessories,
tote full of unused time cards various styles, notebook filler paper
carbon paper, misc paper, 12 Name Desktop Nameplates, 8 to 10 2Hole Punches, 10 matching silver desktop tape dispensers
2 wire folder holders, box of pencil sharpeners

31.Office Supplies - Contents of Shelves (shelving not included)
Office Directory Sign, 2 Counter Top Stainless Steel Drop In Signs
4 Plastic Counter Top Drop in Signs, Countertop Sales Rack,
1 wood Sorter Shelf, 2 cardboard filing drawers,
2 business card holders, 5 index card boxes,
1 metal card file holder, 1 shelf desktop accessories
8 rubber stamps, Software Boxes - Quick Books etc
Desktop Calendars, Index Tabs, box of Pyrowac
Typewriter Ribbons, Dixon Tape Erasers
Steel Wire - picture hanging wire, 2 totes of Clipboards
Box of Plastic In/Out Trays, 2 Box Sorters

32.Office Supplies - Contents of Shelves (shelving not included)
12 Wood In/Out Boxes, 3 Wood Grain In/Out Boxes
6 Silver File Sorter Holders, 10 assorted paper trays
Paper Notebooks, Spireal Notebooks, 3 Ring Binders,
Office Envelopes, Phone Message Books, Shelf of Misc Stationery
2 box receipts, 3 boxes of dot matrix printer paper
1 box of expand-a-file folder holders
2 boxes paperwork

33.Office Mailing - Mail Cart Gack - Props
4 mailing tubes, 2 boxes of Shipping Tubes, Canvas Mail Bag
4 plastic mail sorting - carrier boxes USPS
1 vintage metal mail sorting box
Assorted Fake / Prop Mail
1 metal Typewriter Table

34.Office Supplies - Contents of Shelves (shelving not included)
Apple Image Writer II Printer, Addressograph, Kroy 60 Lettering machine, Kroy 81 Lettering machine, 10 plus typeface wheels for Kroy machines, 6 metal file folder sedktop sorters, 2 wire in/out baskets, shelf of 5 1/4 in and 3 1/2 in disks and disk holders

35.Office Supplies - Contents of Shelves (shelving not included)
2 - 5ft tall Metal Wall Hanging Literature Holder
4 Laptop Bags,
Vintage Sharp PC4500 Laptop with bag and power brick
Mechanical Cash Register, Acer Aspire Laptop
HP Laser Jet 4, Hp Laser Jet 4 plus
3 Verifone Zon Jr credit card swipe machines
2 AmEx card swipe machines
2 plastic waste cans, 1 waste can full of adding machine paper,
3 Chromebooks, 1 Mac Software System Guide Book
1 Brother MFC 4550 fax, copier, printer
4 Dictaphones - Ediphone 30s 40s vintage
                      Lanier vintage 50s 60s
                      Lanier vintage 70s 80s
                      Dictaphone vintage 90s
1 small tote full of adding machine / cash register paper tape
4 bins of 3 1/2in and 5 1/4in floppy disks
5 Jazz disks
1 Lexmark X23 printer
2 Epson M1476 printers
1 Verifone Printer 900

36.Apollo Visuals Officials Overhead Projector Elmo HP-3K
Powers Up Needs Bulb

37.1 Shelf of AV Equipment & related items
InFocus LifePro 720 working Projector
Epson Powerlite 7300 working Projector with carry bag
ViewSonic PJD112 working Projector
3M MP8030 Pro working Projector with Remote
Manual Film Spooler
CBS Color Sign 24in x 8in
Small NBC Sign
TDC Proect or View - working
7 Small Film Clapboards 8in wide x 7in tall

38.1 Shelf of AV Equipment & related items
Zeikos Camera Bag
LowePro Camera Bag
Camera Tripod 1ft - 3ft tall
Kiwi Camcorder Bag
GE Color Video Camera
PortaComm Suitcase Speaker

39.1 Shelf of AV Equipment
Elmo EV 308 - needs bulb
Apollo Concept Overhead 2250 working Projector
small Security Light
Vintage Camera
DCM Powercom Power Distributor - KIN-1000-AP RM
TM Visual Industries - Show Off  Sound Out Unit with Case
RCA VHS Camcorder CPS04 with case

40.Lot of School Film Projectors plus
4 - Dukane Micromatic working Filmstrip Projectors
Informant Microfilm Reader
Bell & Howell 2585B Film Projector

41.Brown Metal Typing Table on wheels
37in wide x 16in deep x 27in tall

42.Sharp ER A440 Cash Register
Prop Cash Register - Lights Up, Receipt Printer advances
Needs programming

43.Sanyo ECR 425 Cash Register
Lights Up
Needs Programming

44.Office Coat Rack, Hat Rack, Umbrella Stand
60in tall x 36in wide x 16in deep

45.Cherry Credenza / Desk
66in long x 20in deep x 30in tall
5 Drawers, Keyboard Drawer, 
Left side is Rough, Right side is good condition

46.Hotel Door - Security Door - Key Card Lock
Security Peep Hole
75 lb plus door

47.2 Pieces of Commercial Art
50in wide x 40in tall
Abstract Landscapes

48.Commercial Art Work - Abstract Landscape
75in wide x 50in tall

49.Steel Shelves / Wood Rack
72in tall x 24in wide x 77in long
This lot includes wood on the actual shelves .
Wood leaning against rack is Not included.

50.Digital Handsets
Plug in to Tablets, Smart Phones, Computers
Used for Theatrical Props in Bye Bye Birdie and other shows

51.2 Framed Art - Abstract Landscapes  - Rustic Frames
40 in wide x 29in tall x 2 in thick

52.Framed Art - Mediterranean Scene
26in wide x 22in tall

53.Framed Art - Government Building Portrait - Prop Art
Elegant Gold Frame
36in tall x 29in wide

54.Lot of 3 Gumball Machines
24in tall Curling Column Long Drop Machine
2 Jelly Belly Machines - 1 - 12in tall & 1 - 9in tall

55.Seed Planter Prop
72in long x 25in wide
used in Mike Rowe TV Show

56.Lot of Coca Cola Items
3 Coca Cola Trays - 2 Rectangle 13in x 10in - 1 Oval 15in x 12in
1 Plastic Coca Cola Tray
1 Vintage Glass Mug - Coca Cola inscribed
1 Vintage plastic coated Coke cup
2 Cases (24 glasses) of 12 oz Coke Bell Soda Glasses
2 Coca Cola Clocks
Package of 50+ Coke Peel & Stick Labels
2 Gold Stars

57.Ash Trays and Smoking Items
Movie Props


57A.2 Vases, Smokers Tower (Outdoor Ashes)
2 Boxes Bouquet Holders
Bar Set

58.London Telephone Booth Cardboard StandUp
pair of 2
7ft tall x 32in wide

58A.Plastic Red & Green Candied Apples
1 Tote Full of Fake Candy

58B.Poker Table Top

58C.Fake Food - Plastic Turkey, small Wedding Cake
Small Bushel Baskets, Plastic Corn & Lemons

59.Set of 14 Picnic Baskets

60.Lot of 13 Clocks - Wall of Clocks
9in to 14in diameter clocks
Wood Trunk Clock - 17in diameter

61.1 Shelf of AV Equipment
Bell & Howell Super 8 projector
Sony GV200 Video 8 Recorder
Sony EV0620 Video Casette Recorder
Film in Film Reels with Cans (qty 3)
Scotch Recording Tape Films (7) 1200ft ea in Boxes
1 Film Box with no tape 
2 Gold Film Cans with no tape
Photography Lamp - with barn doors - 9in wide x 6in tall
Tripod Parts - Film - Cords in plastic box
Watson Model 100 Manual Film Loader
Kodak Instruments M80 Film Projector
Sears 8mm Film Projector - lamp works
Viewsonic 8 in Digital Photo Frame
Illuminated Magnifying Negative Viewer runs on 4C batteries

62.Shelf of AV Equipment
School Classroom Performance System 64 Response Clickers
    College classroom tech from
Shure 562 Podium mounted Flexible Metal Microphone - 22in long
Portable CDRW Drive - Magic Spin BCE
ZIP Drive - Z100SZ
GE Mobile CB Radio 3-5813
Large Tote of Dark Room Equipment / Supplies
    Chemical Bottles, Clothes Pins, Solution bins
Photography Reflector light kit in a bag
Vintage Tripod
Metal Stands in a carry Bag

63.1 Shelf of Security Equipment
1 Warehouse Speaker / Horn
1 Security Dome - 18in diameter
5 Swan Simulated Security Cameras
3 Low grade Simulated Security Cameras
2 Portable Magnetic Antennas

1 Shelf of Routers Switches
Hawking Black Hawk 24 port 10/100 Switch
Cisco ATT wireless router / 3G
ATT 2Wire 2701H6 router switch
Cisco Linksys Wireless G router WRT5462
Cisco Analog Phone Adapter  ATA186
Cisco 776M Router/Switch
Belkin N Wireless Router
Belkin N450 N+/- Wireless Router
Direct TV Box 2007
Snom M9 IP Phone 2010
Demon Dialer 176T Zoom Telephone
Diversity Receiver EM100
Apex Digital TV Converter
Micro Strain 3 Channel

64.1 Red Metal Exit Sign
5 Lighted Red Exit Signs
2 Lighted Green Exit Signs
4 Simulated Security Cameras - vintage Outdoor
1 Metal Basket

65.18 Assorted Clocks and Clock Radios

66.Lot of Wall Mount and Wall Clocks
3 Dual Wall Mount - Old School / Industrial Clocks
2 Vintage Alarm Bells
6 Assorted Wall Clocks

67.2 Shelves of Audio Equipment
3 Interlocking Plastic CD Holders
1 Plastic CD Holder 12 CDs
2 Blank VHS Cartridges
Capsule Microphone on Desk Stand
8 Track Repair Kit
Technics ST-K55 Stereo Tuner
Samsung DVD R120 DVD Recorder
Panasonic VHS VCR Recorder
Sound Design Stereo Receiver 8 Track Plater (non working)
Shelf 2
Sharp RD671AV Audio Cassette Recorder
Radio Shack Voice Activated Telephone Recorder
Sony TCM 818 Audio Cassette Recorder
Califone Tape Recorder
Texas Instrument Program Recorder
Radio Shack CTR AC/Battery Audio Cassette Recorder
2 - GE Audio Cassette Recorder
Surround Sound 2 Band Receiver / Stereo Cassette Recorder
GE Radio Audio Cassette Recorder
Penncrest AM/FM Radio / Audio Cassette Recorder
Radio Shack Voice Activated CTR Audio Cassette Recorder

68.2 Shelves of Audio Equipment
Box of 64 Casette Tapes
  including REM, George Strait, Billy Joe Royal, The Fixx, Jim Nabors
     Bon Jovi, John Cougar Mellencamp, Fanny Brice, Wang Chung
JVC MV30 Microphone
View Master and 4 slides
Portable Record Player - 33 / 45 / 78 rpm
XD 350 Surround Sound Receiver
16 VHS VCR Tapes
Carrying Box 45 records - 50+ records
GE Solid State Portable Stereo Player
2 Stage Light Fixtures
3 Boxes of 45 records (Jukebox 45s) - multiple record copies
   represented Artists inlcude - Sheryl Crow, Janet Jackson
   Wynona Judd. Trisha Yearwood, Mary Chapin-Carpenter
   Tracy Byrd
   Alabama, Lorrie Morgan, Boston, Mary J Blighe, Mavericks

69.Group of Light Props
16in tall Lava Lamp
8in tall Flashing Red Emergency Light (car top style)
2 Illuma Storm Lights 14in tall x 8in tall

70.Radio and Phone Lot
RCA Solid State Radio AM/FM/SW
ATT Phone with Remote Answering / Cassette Tape Messaging
GE 2 Line Phone
Hotel Room Phone - Sheraton Atlanta Airport
GE 2 LIne Phone
ATT 5.8Ghz Wireless Phone with Speaker & Digital Messaging
Lucent 7225 Wireless Phone
Lucent 905 Wireless Phone with Digital Messaging
ITT Square Beige Push Button phone
Western Electric Trim Line Push Button Wall Phone
GE Phone with Digital Messaging & Speaker
GE Blue Phone
GE White 900 Mhz cordless/corded phone Digital Messaging
3 ATT 957 Phones
Radio Shack 2.4 Ghz Cordless Phone
Panasonic 900 Mhz Digital Phone
Virgin Mobile LG K3 Cell Phone

71.Telephone and Camera Lot
3 ATT Trim Line Phones
Lennox Sound Trim Line Phone
Southwest Bell Trim Line Phone
Casio Phone Mate Answering Machine
Uniden Car Phone with Cigarett Lighter plug
Bell South Answering Machine
VTech Cordless Phone & Answering Machine
50ft TV Antenna Line
Plantronics Headset & Charger
GNI Netcom Headset & Charger
Ericcson DF388 Digital Cellular Phone - built in Pager
Bag of Phone Handset Cords
Bag of Phone Line Cords
2 Cell Phone Chargers
Sprint Pocket PC Cell Phone
Flash for Polaroid J66
Nikon Nice Touch 2 Camera
Ulta Point/Clark Camera
Polaroid Big Swinger 3000 Land Camera
Polaroid Fast Charger 363
Kodak DC290 Camera
Vintage Canvas Phone case
Vivitar 46mm Haze Lens Cover
2 Small rolls of Film
Polaroid 365 Electronic Flash
2 Polaroid 360 Cameras
Olympus 50mm Digital Lens
Set of 5 Vintage Camera Lens Filters
Polaroid 2500 Land Camera Case

72.Set of 14 ATT Merlin Office Phones

73.Lot of 7 working Dell Monitors
Monitors unlock from Bases and can be used as Flat Panels for displays and presentations

Qty 2 - 1707 FPc - 17in monitors
Qty 5 - 1908 FPb - 19in monitors

74.Toshiba 37HL66 HD LCD 37in Television
Working TV

75.Lot of 5 Commercial Sconce Lights
2 pairs of 2 plus 1 single sconce
17in long torch
Wood pair of sconces is 12in long

76.Electric Sconces
Faux Oil Lamp - 24in tall

81.Shop Light Fixtures - 4ft long
Set of 2 Fixtures - 1 with bulbs,  without bulbs

82.Set of 5 Metal Toolboxes
Angled Top - gray - 19in wide
Red `Tools` Box - 16in wide
Crafstman Tool Box - 17in wide
Craftsman Tool Box - 18in wide
Red Delta Box - 20in wide

82A.Lot of Tool Cases & Bags - no equipment
2 Soft Case DeWalt Bags
1 square Ridgid Bag
1 medium size Milwaukee Bag
1 Dremel Hard Case
1 Hitachi Hard Case

83.Steel Work Table - 6ft x 3ft
Height adjustable from 30in to 36in tall - Now at 32in tall
Includes Lockable Drawer
Very Sturdy

84.Wood Drafting Table
60in wide x 24in deep x 34 in tall to desk top
Includes Drawing Board & Work Light
Contents not included

85.Comfortable Work Stool - Adjustable Height
seat 21in wide x 20in deep
former Salon Chair with hydraulic lift
Height adjusts from 20in to 27in tall

85A.Steel Work Stool
14in diameter seat
Adjustable Height - swivel style - 20in to 24in tall

86.Metal Storage Cabinet with shallow drawers
Tool Storage - includes Contents

52in tall x 29in deep x 15in wide
10 drawers

86A.Metal Warehouse Cart
31in long x 20in wide x 33in tall
Light Duty Cart

87.BTS10 Ryobi  10in Table Saw & Saw Stand
Stand is 23in tall plus height of saw
missing metal plate in saw blade hole

87A.Black & Decker Power Miter Saw / Chop Saw
10in blade

87B.Working Pancake Air Compressor with 25 ft hose

87C.Porter Cable Drill Press & Stand
Drill Press Bit Holder is loose, will not hold place while running
Very Nice stand


88B.Book Cart / Shop caddy on wheels
36in long x 18in wide x 42in tall
Contents Not Included

88C.Shop Storage Box with Milk Crates & Contents
9 Milk Crates with Shop Stuff
1 crate of electrical cords and extensions
1 crate of rope and string
1 crate of towing supplies
1 crate of Metal C Clamps
1 crate of ribbon and beads
1 crate of furniture sliders
1 crate of lamp parts
2 crates of PVC connectors

88D.Metal Shelving Storage Unit
36in long x 24in deep x 73in tall

89.Finials / Toppers

90.2 Black Wood Sconces 10in high x 12in wide
2 Metal Fleur de Lis 14in high x 11in wide
1 Metal Wall hanging diamon design - 13in tall
1 Gold 8in sconce
1 Gold 5in bowl sconce

91.Lot of 4 Ironing Boards
1 70s Vintage - 54in long board
1 30s Vintage Wood - 47in long
1 50s Vintage Wall Mount - 47in board
1 Sleeve Board 24in board

92.3 Shelves of Knick Knacks - Chotzkis - Items of Interest
5in Pestle Book Ends
Rock Suspended in Poly Resin Cube - 6in cube
2 - 4in gazing balls / paper weights
Poly Resin Driftwood - 12in long
2 - 12in long Feather Dusters
12in x 12in - Steampunk Pig`s Head
14in long Resin Cat
9in tall Ceramic Patriotic Chicken

93.3 Shelves of Knick Knacks - Chotzkis - Items of Interest
Thinker Statue - 9in tall
Fake Beer Can Spill - life size
Glass Jar with lid - 5in tall
Tiki Statue - 4in tall
Mouse Shoe - 7in long
Mortar & Pestle - 5in tall
Yellow Rose in Glass Jar - 8in tall
Sunflower in Vase - 11in tall
Glass Candle Holder - 12in tall
Mendelssohn - 6in piano award statue
Cherub Jar - Ceramic - 5in tall
Faux Geode Stone 3in tall
Carousel Horse Music Box wind up - 7in tall
Drum Mallet for Gong - 14in long
Ceramic Clown - 8in tall
Small Pitcher - 7in tall
Desk Bell - 5in tall
Ceramic Fruit Bowl - 8in tall
Mini molasses or honey Jug - 6in tall
Chianti Bottle
Brass Spittoon - 10in tall
Brass Spittoon - 6in tall


94.Party Ribbons Balloons Streamers & More
20 Bags of Assorted Balloons
2 boxes Party Hats, 4 - 12ft long Checkered Flag banners
7 - 100ft long Pennant banners, 4 Table Covers
Pin the Tail on the Donkey game, Spiderman Birthday sign 42in 
Streamers, Blow-out Horns, Confetti, 3 rolls of streamers
Happy New Year signs, 30th bday signs, 5 Bags balloon clips
2 bags of New Year Hats, Box of birthday candles, party plates, party favors, tropical fish decor, transformer table cloth

95.White Bookcase - Storage shelves
32in wide x 11in deep x 80in tall
5 adjustable Shelves

95A.White Bookcase - Storage shelves
32in wide x 11in deep x 80in tall
5 adjustable Shelves

96.Rolling Shelf Unit / Kitchen Cart / Office Caddy
21in wide x 15in deep x 27in tall

97.Lot of 6 Ficus Trees
5ft to 6ft tall
5 wicker baskets, 1 heavy very nice resin basket

98.Misc Hardware
2 Bug Sprayers - Root Duster Sprayer, Cannister Sprayer
1 Chalk LIne

98A.6 Garden Watering Cans 
Metal & Plastic

99.Hat & Wig Boxes
2 Large Boxes - Red & Black
Paper Hat Box, Cheese Box, Round Travel Case

100.Southwestern Canister Set with Lids
10in to 5in - 4 Canisters

100A.6 Waste Baskets - Household Style
Metal and Plastic 10in to 19in tall

100B.Tissue Box Covers
1 Square Cover - 6 Rectangle Covers

101.Lot of Beauty Care Items - Vintage props
3 containers Hair Curlers, 2 packages of Barrettes
4 Curling Irons, 1 Straightening Iron
1 basket, 3 Loffas

101C.Broom Assortment
2 `Cinnamon` Brooms
3 `Corn` Brooms

longest broom is 52in

102.Magazine Rack on wheels
21in tall x 19in long

103.Jewelry Stands / Jewelry Boxes
1 string of beads, 2 RineStone bracelets
Assorted jewelry

104.Baskets - assorted sizes - Bushel Baskets with lids

104A.Assorted Wicker Trays - 6 pieces

104B.2 Wicker Basket Trays

104C.Assorted Lot of Boxes and Baskets and Bags
Enameled Box, Round Wire Baskets (2), Oval Wire Basket
Burlap Basket, Brass Basket, Rectangular Wire Basket
Deco Stones, 3 Bags

104D.Baked Goods Store Display Rack
     21in wide x 12in tall x 16in deep
2 Bread Boxes 
12in tall x 18in wide x 12in deep
Red Farberware Toaster Oven 
     9in tall x 15in wide x 12in deep

105.Decorative Glassware - 8 pieces
6 Aroma Defuser bottles

105B.Glass Vases with Floral

105C.Set of 3 EarthenWare Vases

105D.3 Plug-In Timers, 1 Honeywell House Thermometer, 1 Galileo Thermometer

106.2 Hanging Basket Floral Arrangements

106A.Paper Mache` Cat

106B.Lot of Home Medical Helpers
Kaz DynaMist Humidifier
Tatung Humidifier
Heating Pad, 2 Hot Water Bottles, Ice Bag

106C.Lot of 3 Fans and 1 Air Purifier
1 Fan is a Clip-on Desk Size

106D.Household Items
Box of Mothballs, Mouse Traps, Air Fresheners
2 Sets of Shutters - 4 sections - 10in wide x 20in tall x 3/4in thick
2 Novelty Wall hangings, 1 Towel Holder
Set of Goose Cannisters with Napkin Holder
Shoe Stretcher

106E.Lot of 5 Scales 
Bathroom Scales
2 Health o Meter
2 Taylor
Office Package Scale
1 Pelouze 

107A.Health and Beauty Lot
3 Bath Brushes, 1 Long Handle Bath Sponge
Set of Aroma Therapy Oils and Diffusers
2 Mirror and Brush Sets, 1 Mirror, 1 Jar

107B.Lot of 9 Hair Dryers
2 Bonnet style Dryers
5 Pistol style Dryers
2 Folding travel style Dryers

107C.Lot of Bathroom Items
Glacier Bay Bathroom Faucet
Shicks Razor
Air Wick auto freshener
Toilet Brush Holder
2 Shower Curtains

107D.Lot of Dressing Table Items
Perfume Bottles, Powder Boxes, Brushes, Tray, Compacts

108A.Assorted Lot of Household
Vase, Stylist Mannequin Head, 2 Floral Arrangements
3 White Lace Hand Fans, Black Hand Fan
Pair of boot stretchers, Pig Figurine

108B.Lot of Mirrors
Long Handled Hand Mirror
Double Sided Desk Mirrors
Mirror on Armature
Lighted Mirror with pass through outlet
Mirrored Front Medicine Cabinet - 18in tall x 11in wide x 5in deep

108C.Lot of 6 Vintage Metal Irons

108D.Lot of 7 Electric irons

109.2 Porcelain Sinks
Rectangular Sink - 23in wide x 18in across x 5in deep
Oval Sink - 20in wide x 17in across x 5in deep

110A.Silver Tureen with Lid, 3 Plates, Cake Pan with Lid

110B.3 Large Bronze Plates 
17in Bowls
1 Bowl with 4 Deco Spheres

110C.1 Shelf of assorted Animal knick knacks

110D.1 Shelf of Tribal theme Knick Knacks

110E.1 Shelf Assorted Knick Knacks - Animals and Americana

110F.Religious Knick Knacks - Porcelain Eggs

110G.1 Shelf lot of Asian knick knacks and Coasters

110H.1 Shelf Lot of Glass Vases, Assorted sizes

110J.1 Shelf Lot of Assorted Vases & Halloween Novelty Cups

110K.Shelf of assorted decorative bowls in autumn colors

110M.Lot of 10 Fly Swatters

110N.1 Shelf of Colored Glass Vases and Jars

110P.1 Shelf Decorative Garden Ware

110R.1 Shelf of Medium Size Trophies and Ribbons

110S.1 Shelf of Large Trophies & Ribbons

110T.1 Shelf of Large Trophies

110U.1 Shelf of Large Trophies

110W.1 Shelf of Small Trophies

110X.1 Shelf Small Trophies with ribbons

110Y.Shelf of Vases and Knick Knacks

110Z.1 Shelf of Floral Baskets

111.Egyptian Pryamids - set of 2
3ft tall x 3ft wide x 3ft deep

112.Lot of USA Decor
22in long USA shiny garland fabric
2 - 18in x 12in USA stick flags
14 - 12in x 8in USA stick flags
2 - small stick flags
2 bags of of small plastic USA Flags 10in x 6in
2 small 18in semi-circle bunting
2 - 5ft wide RWB Vinyl Bunting
6 - 5ft cloth pleated RWB semi circle bunting
4 - 15in RWB ribbons
6 - 20in RWB ribbons
6 assorted RWB, 1 roll of streamer

113.Lanterns set of 12
3 - set of 11in colored

113A.Lot of 3 Railroad Lanterns - Decor

113B.Lot of 9 Decorative Candle Holders
Largest holder is 18in tall

113C.Lot of 16 Decorative Candlesticks and Holders
Largest pair is 18in tall

114.3 Sets of Deluxe Room Dividers
63in long x 71in tall
1 of the 3 Units has been painted Hot Pink on the back

120.Vintage Wood File Drawers - Set of 2
30in tall x 32in deep x 16in wide
1 has 2 drawers, 1 has 3 drawers

121.Pair of Hi-Boy Directors Chairs
Blonde Wood, Black Seats

122.Lot of Director`s Chairs
1 Hi-Boy Director Chair
1 Short Director Chair
1 Bucket of Director Chairs Seat Backs

123.Decorative Bench Seat
42in wide x 40in tall

124.Assorted Outdoor / Patio Chairs
2 metal stacking rattan chairs - 27in tall
1 White wrought iron folding chair - 16in diameter seat

125.5 Wicker Seat Ladder Back Chairs
3 Vintage Chairs 35in tall
2 New Chairs 38in tall

126.Comfy Love Seat
72in long x 39in deep x 37in tall

127.Set of 4 Dining Chairs - Captains Style
29in tall x 19in deep x 17in wide

128.Set of 4 Early American Dining Chairs
36in tall x 19in deep x 18in wide
Heavy Chairs - 30 lbs each

129.Set of 2 Antique Chairs
35in tall x 18in deep x 18in wide
33in tall x 20in deep x 17in wide

130.Pair of Wood Chairs unmatched
32in tall x 18in deep x 18in wide

131.Twin Bed Frames with Ladder
Dorm Furniture from Morris Brown
Beds are 30in tall x 42in wide x 70in long
Ladder is 63in long

132.Dorm Room Funiture from Morris Brown
2 Desk Dresser Side Tables

30in x 30in x 30in

136.Lot of Drapery Panels - Linens
4 84in long Blue Panels, 1 King Bed Skirt
1 Tensioin Rod, Set of 2 - 84in long Darkening Curtains
70in round table cloth
7 single panel sheers 84in long

137.Raspberry Pipe and Drape Panels
18 Panels - 93in long x 48in wide 

141.Camping Lot
2 Circular Metal Cooking Grates - 27in diameter & 17in diameter
2 Vintage Tents
Vintage Coleman Stove - 29in wide x 14in deep 
4 Vintage Thermos - 14in tall, 13in tall, 10in tall, 7in tall
5 pieces of Campware
1 Plano Plastic Tackle Box
Vintage Coleman Gas Stove - 18in long x 12in deep
3 - 1 Gallon Vintage Thermos
1 - Igloo Metal 2 Gallon Thermos
Small Vintage Gas Can
Benzematic Back Pack Stove
2 Camping / Picnic 19in diameter Grills
Small Camping / Picnic Grill 14in diameter
Pair of Tongs, Deep Woods Off, Camping Writing Log
Bag of Camp Games, 3 Assorted Thermos / Canteens
Bag of Tent Poles, Box of Camping Lights, 2 Vinyl Bags waterproof

142.Lot of Flashlights and Lanterns - 9 items
4 Flashlights some C Battery some D Battery
2 Flourescent Lanterns
1 Rechargable Light
1 6 volt flashlight
1 6 cell May Light

143.Vintage Style Wood Lounge Chairs - Set of 3
Striped Fabric - 70in long x 58in tall x 25in wide
extra roll of fabric available

144.Pair of Hanging Angel - Bird Baths

160.Institutional Mattresses
9 Mattresses - 75in long x 30in wide x 4in thick
11 Vinyl Covers for more mattresses
10 Pillows

161.2 Antique Ploughs
1 with Spade and 1 without the Spade

162.Vintage Warehouse Dolly - Cart
48in long x 30in wide x 38in tall
Missing 1 Wheel

163.Military Field Stretcher (1 only)
Vintage 50s - 60s
90in long

164.7 Decorative Eagles - Curtain Holders

165.Lot of 3 China Hat Outdoor Lights
Extends 20in out from mounting
16in diameter Dome
Dome hangs 15in down

166.4 Vintage Outdoor Light Mounts
4in square mounts
6in diameter heads
10in out from wall mount

167.White Paper Bags, #8 Bags, plus assorted sizes
Hotel Amenities, 3in paper cups, Small ULine Cardboard Boxes

168.2 Drawers full of Prison Spoons & Knives

169.Commercial Grade Drip Coffee Maker

170.Four Commercial Grade Bunn Coffee Pots

171.Coffee Urn, 3 Ice Buckets, Ice Scoop

172.Commercial Coffee Maker

173.Restaurant Serving Stand with Dish Tub

174.Pair of LED Display Boards
TFI 32x128 50R

41in wide x 12in tall x 5in deep

175.14 Assorted Bulletin Boards - Office School Home
2 Premium Wood Framed Bulletin Boards - 5ft tall x3ft wide
6 Cork Bulletin Boards - 4ft wide x 3ft tall
2 Wood Framed Cork Bulletin Boards - 5ft wide x 3ft tall
White Board 3ft x 2ft
3 Small Household Bulletin Message Boards

176.3 Metal Framed with Locking Glass Doors Commercial Bulletin
6ft x 4ft - 3 doors
6ft x 3ft - 3 doors
5ft x 3ft - 2 doors

177.2 Wood Framed with Locking Glass Doors Commercial Bulletin
6ft x 3ft - 3 doors
5ft x 3ft - 2 doors

178.Lot of 7 Maps - Wall Size and More
50in x 36in World Map - 90s vintage
50in x 36in USA Map
Older map 60s vintage - 50in x 36in USA map with pins
School Wall Map - World - 64in wide
US School Wall Map overlay - 62in wide
80`s world map - 3ft x 2ft
World Map Mural - 13ft wide x 8ft 8in tall

181.Medical Privacy Screen 
5 panels Approx 8ft long x 66in tall
Lot of 2 Separate Screens

182.Medical Privacy Screen 
5 panels Approx 8ft long x 66in tall
Lot of 2 Separate Screens

183.Lot of 6 Pair Adult Aluminum Crutches

184.Lot of 5 Pair Wood Crutches

185.Child Crutches 
1 pair and 1 single

186.4 Folding Walkers

191.3 Metal Locking File Folder Holders / Carriers
12.5in wide x 10in tall x 5.5in deep

192.Items on 2 Shelves - Medium & Small baskets, Nautical Decor, Large Starfish, etc

192A.Lot Candle Stands and Candle Holders

192C.Lot of assorted Wicker Baskets

192D.Toilet Paper Roll Holder, Wicker Magazine Rack
Metal Magazine Rack

192E.2 Boxes of Shells, Beach Decor

192F.Vases, Urns, Flower Pots
1 Shelf Only (middle one in the picture)

192G.Waiting Room Flora, Ficus Tree, and more

193J.Shelf of Candles 
Pillar, Taper, Tea Lights and LED styles

193K.Lot of 4 Display Pedestals
16in to 29in tall

193L.Lot of Decor - Fluer De Lis, Large Metal Cross
Clock, Antlers, Oil Lamp, Magazines
Small Attache Case, Small Morter and Pestle

200.Lot of 12 Megaphones
4 Blue 32in long  - Used in We Are Marshall 
1 TL Hannah 25in tall - from the movie Radio
1 XL White Megaphone 32in long  / 2 White Megaphone  25in long
1 XL Red Megaphone  32in long  /   1 White Megaphone 24in long
1 White Megaphone  19in long  /  1 White Megaphone  13in long

201.Liquor Bottles - Assorted
Chivas Regal Whiskey Bottle and Bottle Stand
1 Hip Flask

202.Wine Bottles & Liquor Bottles
19 assorted bottles

210.Poly Trux 70P - Hotel Linen Cart
48in long x 29in wide x 57in tall
Heavy Duty molded plastic

211.Lot of 2 Salon Sinks
22in wide x 19in across x 9in deep
18in wide x 19in across x 9in deep

212.Lot of 2 Stainless Sinks
1 Double Sink with faucet - 33in long x 22in wide x 6in deep
1 Bar Sink - 15in long x 15in wide x 5in deep

213.Library Table
72in tall x 36in wide x 30in tall

214.Corporate Board Room - White Board - Writing Pad Board
Vintage 1980`s 1990`s premium Board
8ft wide x 4ft tall - fully opened
4ft wide x 4ft tall x 3in thick closed

215.Set of 4 Premium Table Legs
29in long - 4in square at the top

215A.Wicker Hand Fans in Assorted Colors
Funeral Home printing on some

216A.Restaurant Diner Paper Napkin Holders
12 pieces plus

216B.Diner Restaurant Sugar Shakers & Tableware

217.Set of Stainless Steel & Aluminum Dishware
Prison Dishware Plates, Pans, Cooking Bowls

218.Restaurant Diner Ice Cream Sundae Glasses & Punch Glasses

219.Shelf of Props
Plastic Condiment Holders & Bottles
Mini Mixer, Toasters, & Wisks

220.Set of  14 Cactus Margarita Glasses

221.Bar Tools - Drain Mats, Spouts, Pouring Containers, Menus & Sugar Packet Containers

222.Coffee Urn
3 Bunn Airpots

223.Lot of Paper Bags and ULine Boxes

223A.Drawer full of Props
Measuring Cups, Salt Shakers, Cookie Cutters

224.Drawer Full of Pepper Shakers

224A.1 Drawer full of Ketchup Bottles & Assorted Kitchen Utensils

225A.Commercial Art - Octaganal Matted Frames 
23in tall x 19in wide - 2 Floral Prints

225B.Commercial Wall Art - Framed Prints
Abstract Landscapes
1 - 40in wide x 28in tall
1 - 32in wide x 23in tall

226.Bundy Flute with Case
Clarinet with Case
Tenor Sax

226A.Prop Instruments
Trumpet parts 
2 Decorative Christmas Horns
Decorative Herald Trumpet

226B.Banjo with Case

226C.Lark Violin with Case and Bow

226D.Saville Guitar with Case and Strap

226E.Folding Music Stand parts
Wash Board
Cow Bell
Toy Accordian

230.2 Baby Doll Beds
2 Inflatable Baby Bottles - 38in tall
1 Baby Doll Bottle Bank - Gift Set - 14in tall

231.Lot of Baby Dolls - 40+ dolls
some Extra Doll clothes

232.Toy Assortment
2  Boxes Vintage Cardboard Bricks
Stuffed Toys, Trucks, Lunch Boxes, Educating Reading pack
Wooden Train

233.Lot of Beach Toys and Equipment
Badminton Set, Flippers, Kites
Buckets and Shovels - Beach Sand Tools
beach Umbrella

234.Assortment of Games
Bingo, Jenga, Yahtzee, Chinese Checkers Board

234A.Jaguar XK-E Cut Out 
Photo Op Stand-up Jag E Type

as seen in Austin Powers
Sit in seat behind the cut out - look like you are driving the car
8ft long x 30in tall

235.Fish and Llama Pinattas

236.Little Cook Play Ovens - Pair of Ovens - 12in x 9in x 9in

237.Step Stool & Doll Furniture

240.Sewing Basket,  Needlework Items, Yarn, Buttons, Thread

241.Lot of Cleaning Items,
Dusters, Toilet Brush, Laundry Baskets

250.1 Shelf of Home Decor Props
9 Assorted Wicker Baskets

251.Shelf of Kitchen Props
Tubberware assortment, Bowls, Pitchers, Container of Wooden Kitchen Tools, Funnel

252.1 Shelf Home Decor Items
Decorative Bowls and Vases plus Knife Block

253.1 Shelf of Kitchen Items
Cakes Stands, Baked Bean Pot, Silver Party Platter

254.1 Shelf of Home Kitchen Decor - 7 Items
Metal Serving Pieces, Chafing Dish, Pitcher, Small Milk Jugs and Serving Pieces

255.Assorted Metal Pots & Pans & Trivets
25 plus pieces

256.Large Buckets & Tubs
3 Large Wash Tubs
5 additional buckets

257.2 Shelves of Kitchen Ware
Butter Dishes, Muffin Tins, Measuring Cups, Bundt Pans
Sugar & Cream Servers

258.1 Shelf of Kitchen Ware
Plastic Bowls, Glass Bowls, Plastic Platters, Metal Platters
Dishes Plates

259.1 Shelf Kitchen Ware
Farmhouse Doll, Potato Chip Cannisters, Chafing Dish
Chafing Dish Holders, Chafing Fuel

260.1 Shelf of Glassware
Assorted Glass and Plastic Drinking Glasses
Assorted Plastic Vases

261.1 Shelf of Serving items
Set of Plastic Hamburger Basket Trays
Set of Wicker Serving Plates
Plastic Popcorn Boxes
3 Wicker Cornucopias
1 Spice Rack holder


262.2 Sifters
1 Metal Fireplace Popcorn Popper
1 Wire Basket

263.2 Gray wicker baskets, 10 Red Flower Vases

264.Coffee Urn, 3 Drip Coffee Makers, Airpot Electric Mixer
Electric Kettle, Electric Stove Parts

265.Black Kitchen Cannisters with spoons
2 Sets of 4 cannisters


266.Assorted Coffee Servers & Metal Plates

267.Tea Pots, Glass Stein - 7 pieces

268.29 Pieces gold rimmed China Dinner Set, 27 Piece Red Ceramic Dinner Set, 1 Dutch Oven - no name

269.54 Pieces of Clear Glass Dishware Plates & Bowls
35 Piece Yellow Boonton Dishware Set

270.Corning Ware style casserole dishes

271.Assorted Plates & Bowls

272.Lot of Assorted Mugs

273.Assorted China, Cups, Saucers, Event Punch Bowls & Cups

274.Approx. 2 dozen Brown and Grey Lunch Trays

275.White & Cream Serving Dishes & Plates

276.2 PunchBowls , Small Glass Cannister Set (5 piece)

277.16 Metal Cups

278.Lot of dozen plus metal cups

279.Decorative Crystal Vases, Pitchers, Wedding couple 

280.Juice Pitchers, Teapots

281.Plastic Goblets with Palm Trees, Canning Jars

282.Assorted Metal Tins and Biscotti Jar
15 plus pieces

283.1 Shelf Lot of Cannisters & Recipe Holders

284.1 Shelf lot - Set of Blue Enameled Dinner Ware

284A.1 Shelf lot - Set of Black Enameled Dinner Ware

284B.Dutch Oven and Lot of Copper Bottom Pans

285.1 Lot of Cast Iron Pots - set of 8

287.Small Coffee Urn, Fake Metal Crown, Earthenware Goblets
Boxes of Fake Money, Fake Midieval Keys, Hawaiin Figurine

288.Assorted Glassware
Margarita Glasses, Shot Glass, jiggers

289.1 Drawer full of Kitchen Utensils

290.1 Drawer full of Rolling Pins & Assorted Kitchen Utensils

291.1 Drawer full of Silverware Sets

292.1 Drawer full of Spoons & Forks

293.Candy Thermometer & Pot Holders

294.4 Spigot Vintage Soda Dispenser

295.Hamilton Beach Blender, Sunbeam Mixer with attachments
Blender Pitcher

296.Lot of Misc Kitchen Props
4 plastic ice cube trays
2 metal ice cube trays
Brita Filter
4 assorted Silver Drawer trays

297.Ice Tea Jugs

298.Ice Tea Dispenser, Electric Ice Crusher, 70`s vintage Ice Bucket

299.2 Shelves of Assorted Glassware, Steins, Shot Glasses
Water Glasses

300.1 Shelf Lot of Assorted Stemware and Wine Glasses

301.1 Shelf assortment Rocks, Juice, Champagne Glasses

302.1 Shelf Novelty Bar Ware and Martini Glasses

303.1 Shelf of Novelty Bar Ware

304.1 Shelf Earthenware Cups and Bowls

305.1 Shelf Earthenware Vases

306.Assorted Glassware - 20 plus assorted glasses


Amy Martin Auctioneer