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SOLD and Closed! All About Props Inventory reduction Auction # 4 - Closing Monday September 21st starting at 2pm

Item Description
1.Cinderella Carriage
Very sturdy, 2 people can sit in it easily.
Used for Events and Theatrically
103in tall x 92in long x 45in wide

2.Frozen Themed Throne
72in tall x 32in wide x 26in deep

3.Vintage Antique Mirror
45in tall x 24in wide x 2in thick, weighs 20 lbs +
See `Mirror, Mirror, on the wall`

4.Elegant Wall Mirror
41in tall x 29in wide x 1 1/2in thick

5.Wicker Rickshaw
8ft long x 64in tall x 40in wide

6.3pc Bedroom Furniture
Dresser, Chest, and Night Stand

Movie Prop from Lovecraft Country
Dresser - 52in long x 18in deep x 31in tall
Chest - 34in wide x 19in deep x 42in tall
Night Stand - 20in wide x 15in deep x 25in tall

7.Lifeguard Chair
8ft tall x 39in w x 38in deep

8.Nintendo Zapper
1985 NES-005
12in long x 6in wide x 1 1/2in deep

9.Akklaim the Double Player System - 2 units
1989 Vintage Hand hold gaming system 
6in wide x 3in deep x 1in thick

10.Mary Shelley Tombstone
43in wide x 22in tall x 13in deep

11.Percy Shelley Tombstone
36in wide x 30in tall x 11in deep
smooth round top

12.Diane Roth Tombstone
39in tall x 32in wide x base is 15in deep - stone is 5in thick

13.Child`s Coffin
42in long x 24in wide x 12in tall
Built for Swamp Murders

14.Wood Pinch Coffin
6ft long x 2ft wide x 16in deep
appreared in AMC's Lodge 49

15.Gargoyle Statue
51in tall x 34in wide x 22in deep

16.Vintage Dentist Chair 1940`s - 1950`s
43in long x 49in tall x 27in wide
Height is adjustable depending on head rest location
Hydraulic Chair - Adjustable Height, Recline, etc
Extremely Heavy 

17.1960`s Vintage Wheelchair / Gurney
Stretchair - 
Convertible Wheelchair & Gurney
Chair Dimensions - 54in tall x 40in deep x 27in wide
Gurney Dimensions - 75in long x 30in tall x 27in wide

18.Flexible Arm Medical Lamp
up to 67in tall - 12in diameter base

19.Classic Greek Ionian Topped Columns
Light Weight Plastic

8ft tall x 14in square base
10in diameter columns

20.Classic Faux Marble Columns 
Flat Back for low profile Display

Column works very well with uplighting
98in tall x 24in wide x 14in deep

21.Ticket Booth
Vintage Carnival Style
80in tall x 33in deep x 32in wide

22.Wood Faux Dock Piles - Nautical
Set of 4 Solid Wood Pilings - 12in diameter
30lbs plus each 
24in to 25in tall

23.Wood Faux Dock Piles - Nautical
Set of 3 Hollow Pilings - 8in diameter
1 - 27in tall x 2 - 24in tall

24.Red Arch Top Pirate Chest / Trunk
28in wide x 17in deep x 21in tall

25.Pirate Chest Rectangular Style
Metal Accents

30in wide x 19in deep x 22in tall

26.Pirate Wheel for Games
30 in diameter mounted on Foam Core

27.Panasonic Boom Box - Model RX-4920
1980`s Classic

AM/FM Radio, Cassette Player/Recorder
17in wide x 9in tall x 5in deep

28.Sharp Classic Boombox - Model 6F4646
AM/FM Radio / Casette Player / Recorder

16 1/2in wide x 9in tall x 5in deep

29.Sharp 6X-CD30 Vintage Boombox
AM/FM Radio - Dual Deck Casette Player Recorder

25 1/2in long x 9in tall x 9in deep

29A.Buckboard Wagon
Prop Wagon - 
9ft long x 52in wide x 50in tall
with Hoops 90in tall
Breaks down and moves in through a Standard Door

29B.Farmhouse Serving Table
Rustic Style Prop Table
60in long x 37in tall x 30in wide

29C.Farmhouse Serving Table
Rustic Style Prop Table
60in long x 37in tall x 30in wide

29D.Mounted Longhorns
56in wide tip to tip
6in diameter attached to 1in x 4in x 13in block

29E.Vintage Small Barrel
24in tall x 20in deep

29F.Half Cask
35in tall x 25in wide x 12 1/2in deep

29G.Half Cask
35in tall x 25in wide x 12 1/2in deep

29H.Large Keg
22in tall x 18in diameter
One end closed - One end opened

30.7 Exit Signs
3 - 13 1/2 in wide x 8 in tall - metal signs
3 - 12in wide x 10in tall - vinyl signs
1 - 12in wide x 10in tall - pvc sign

31.Medical Signage - 5 pcs
Biopsy Sign - real - 14in wide
ICU Sign - real - 8in wide x 8in tall
Drugs - real - 11in long
Turn off Cell - 10in long x 6in wide - Quality Foam Core
Authorized - 7 1/2 in long x 7 1/2 in wide

32.5 Vinyl Caution Signs 
12in tall x 10in wide

33.4 - No Smoking Signs
Caution No Smoking Allowed - 14in wide x 10in tall - Real Sign
Tobacco Free Environment - 12in wide x 6in tall - Metal Sign
No Smoking - Red & White - 12in wide x 8in tall - Vinyl Sign
International No Smoking Circle Sign - 6in wide x 6in tall - Vinyl Sign

34.6 Restroom Signs
4 - 17in wide x 10in tall - Foam Core
2 - 9in wide x 6in tall - Real Sign Hard Plastic- with Braille

35.4 - Government Building Interior Signs
Elevator - 5 1/4 in tall x 4 1/2 in wide - Metal Frame
Reception - 11in wide x 7 in tall - Real Sign
Court - 11in wide x 5 1/2 in tall - Real Sign
City Center - 15in wide x 6in tall - Foam Core

36.4 - Prison Signs - metal
Bi-Lingual Signs - Under Surveillance

20in wide x 10in tall

37.4 - Prison Signs Metal
Visitors Center

Stop Do Not Enter - Metal Sign - 18in tall x 18in wide
Penal Law - No Contraband - Metal Sign - 22in tall x 14in wide
Visitation Regulations - Metal Sign - 30in tall x 20in wide
Surrender Weapons - Metal Sign - 14in tall x 10 1/2in wide

38.3 - Prison Signs - Under Surveillance -  Bilingual
36in wide x 18in tall

39.Housing Signs - Bus Sign
Movie Props - Aged Foam Core
24in tall x 18in wide

40.2 - Restricted Area Signs
Movie Prop Signs - 24in tall x 18in wide

41.Visitors Registration
Metal Sign - 24in tall x 10in wide

42.3 Handicapped Parking Signs
2 matching Signs
18in tall x 12in wide 

43.Salon Chair
Very Comfortable Seat
25in wide x 37in deep x 34in tall

44.Salon Chair Child Booster Seat
19in wide x 12in deep x 6in tall
Booster Seat with any of the Salon Chairs in Lot 74, 76, 77, 78, or 79

45.Salon Chair
Very Comfortable Seat
25in wide x 37in deep x 34in tall

46.Salon Chair
Very Comfortable Seat
25in wide x 37in deep x 34in tall

47.Salon Chair
Very Comfortable Seat
25in wide x 37in deep x 34in tall

48.Salon Chair
Very Comfortable Seat
25in wide x 37in deep x 34in tall

49.Salon Counter w/ Hair Wash Station
Plumbing hoses attached
81in long x 27in deep x 38in tall

50.Novelty Toy - "Godfather" Stuffed Bleeding Horse Head Pillow
36in long x 19in tall x 15in thick

50A.55 Gallon `Zombie` Toxic Drum
40in tall x 25in diameter
Light weight and sturdy

51.Light Weight Prop Bus Bench w/ Metal Frame Advertising Sign
60in long x 26in deep x 32in tall
Sides of the bench are plastic with faux concrete finish
Look of the Bench can be changed by changing wood 2x4's
Used in numerous movies and tv shows - Dynasty, Black Lightning, The Outsiders, Bigger

52.Classic Wood Slat Park Bench - Green with metal frame
72in long x 24in deep x 27in tall

53.Premium Fake Grass - 2in tall grass
7ft wide x 6ft long section
Used for Commercial Ad Shoots

54.Classic Off White 8ft Tall Canvas Sun Umbrella with Base
Set of 2

55.White Rocking Chair Sealed for Outdoor use
27in wide x 36in deep x 48in tall

56.White Rocking Chair Sealed for Outdoor use
27in wide x 36in deep x 48in tall

57.White Metal Garden Bench
51in long x 24in deep x 33in tall
Sturdy Durable Light Weight

58.Large Rolling Chalkboard
82in tall x 75in long x 24in deep base
6ft x 4ft Chalkboard - Dual Sided Board

59.Small Rolling Chalkboard 
63in tall x 53in long x 20in deep base
Chalk Board alone is 4ft wide x 3ft tall
Chalk Board on both sides

60.Portable Rolling Computer Workstation - Adjustable Height
Standing or Sitting

Holds Workstation, Monitor, Keyboard, &  Mouse
64in tall x 26in wide x 24in deep base

61.Set of 2 Large Office Glass Covered Message Boards
1st - 5ft wide x 3ft tall - 2 Doors - Wall Hanging - Bulletin Board inside
2nd - 70in wide x 30in tall - 3 Doors - Wall Mount - Bulletin Board

62.Set of 2 Large Office Hanging Boards
 - 6ft wide x 4ft tall
Bulletin Board - 5ft wide x 3ft tall

63.XL Wall Hanging Whiteboard for Scheduling
8ft wide x 4ft tall

64.Student Desk / Work Table
Adjustable Height from 23in tall to 30in tall

48in long x 30 in deep

65.Portable Sign
1in stick on letters
57in tall x 14in wide x 16in deep on the base

66.Prop Telephone Booth
Superman Style - Plexiglass Windows - Prop Phone
8ft tall x 39in wide x 38in deep

67.Pair of Street Lights
11 1/2 ft tall / Pole - 3in diameter / Pole - 8in base
Standing on 2ft x 2ft plywood base
Plastic Globes are damaged

68.Eiffel Tower - lighted
7ft tall x 2ft wide x 2ft deep
6 sets of battery lights
3 sets corded lights

69.Theatrical Box 
48in long x 28in tall x 30in deep
Box on wheels - trap door in back
Magic Tricks - Halloween and more

70.Rolling Luggage Cart - High End Hotel Cart
76in tall x 44in long x 26in wide

71.Set of 3 Matched Jordache Wheeled Luggage
Large Hanging Bag - 48in long x 22in wide x 3in thick
Carry on Luggage - 27in wide x 21in tall x 8in thick
Small Bag - 18in wide x 12in tall x 8in thick

72.Set of 2 pcs Matched Luggage - Wheeled
Teal Floral 27in wide x 20in tall x 8in deep
Small Luggage - wheeled luggage - 22in wide x 14in tall x 8in deep

73.4pcs Green Floral Luggage
24in long x 15in wide x 10in thick - Pierre Cardin
24in long x 14in wide x 9in thick - American Tourister
22in long x 14in wide x 9in thick - Councourse
22in long x 14in wide x 9in thick - Atlantic

74.2 Green Floral Luggage
Metropolitan 24in long x 12in tall x 12in thick Carpet Bag
Jordache 12in long x 8in tall x 9in thick Train Case

75.3pcs Unmatched Floral Luggage
Jordache 26in long x 20in tall x 10in thick wheeled luggage
Jordache 21in long x 15in tall x 8in thick luggage
Jaguar  20in long x 13in tall x 9in thick luggage

76.Black Foot Locker
30in wide x 16in deep x 12in tall

77.Raspberry Footlocker
32in wide x 17in deep x 13in tall

78.Model Jo-Bk Telephone Dial Phone
20`s - 30`s Style Candlestick
11in wide x 8in deep x 9in tall

79.Bag Phone - Oki 693 Transportable Cellular Phone
Classic 1980s

11in long x 7in wide x 7in deep

80.Pair of Vintage Cell Phones
Oki  -    8in tall x 2 1/2in wide x 2in thick
ATT 366  8in tall x 2 1/2in wide x 2in thick

81.Pair of Blackberries
Blackberry 7520M
Blackberry 8130

82.6 Motorola Cell Phones
2 - i305
2 - i35s
2 - i700+
6in tall x 2in wide x 2In thick

83.ITT Transistor Radio 
Model 631
4in tall x 3in wide x 1in thick

84.Motorola Transistor Radio
Six Transistors
3in tall x 3in wide x 1in deep


85.Transistor Radio
Everplay Six Transistor
5in tall x 3in wide x 2in deep

86.Realistic Jetstream Transistor Radio
Radio Shack 12-601
5in tall x 3in wide x 2in deep

87.Oriental Mask
13in tall x 4 1/2in deep x 8in wide
made in Thailand

88.Pair of Wood African Masks
9in tall x 5 1/2in wide
made in Djibouti

89.Mexican Fired Clay Mask
10in tall x 7in wide

90.Devil Mask
14in tall x 9in wide x 6in deep

90A.Small Lion Statue
24in long x 12in wide x 17in tall

90B.Small Cherub Statue - smooth white finish
Faux Marble look
18in tall x 13in wide x 9in deep

90C.Cherub Statue on Pedestal
Faux Marble
30in tall x 13in wide x 12in deep

91.Set of 6 French Style Vintage Dining Chairs
24in wide x 24in deep x 40in tall

92.Set of 4 French Style Vintage Dining Chairs
24in wide x 24in deep x 40in tall

93.Classic Chaise Lounge
Good Condition
80in long x 34in deep x 33in tall

94.Versatile Arm Chair - Home or Office Lobby
27in wide x 29in deep x 39in tall

95.Pair of Rattan / Metal Frame Patio Chairs
17in wide x 23in deep x 37in tall

96.Set of 14 Stackable Metal/Cloth Seat Institutional Chairs
22in wide x 24in deep x 34in tall

97.Set of 10 Stackable Teal Institutional Hard Plastic Chairs
19in wide x 20in deep x 30in tall

98.8 Round Silver Trays
2 pair 10in diameter; 1 - 14in diameter; 2 pair 10in diameter;
1 11 1/2in diametger; 2 - non matching 12in diameter

99.7 Silver Platters
4 - fish skeleton pattern - 18in x 13in
1 - silver plate tray - 20in x 13in
1 - circle silver plate tray 20in x 15in
1 - circle silver plate tray - 15in 

100.8 Candles - 4 pairs of 2 candles
8in tall to 6 1/2 in tall

100A.Vintage Gas Pump
51in tall x 32in wide x 26in deep
Generically Labeled
Dials for Gallons and Dollars visible both sides

100B.Gas Meter #7
59in tall x 21in wide x 9in deep

100C.Gas Meter #8
Industrial Meter
71in tall x19in wide x 9in deep

100D.Vintage Parking Lot Key Card Entry
41in tall x 21in deep and 6in wide
Base is 28in x 24in

100E.Park Green Waste Can 
Mounts to Post or Tree
23in tall x 14in diameter

100F.Park or Public Doggie Bag Dispenser for Waste
16in tall  10in wide x 4in deep

101.XL 90 Gallon Rolling Trash Bin
28in wide x 30in deep x 47in tall

101A.Silver `Cylinder` Style Commercial Trash Can
25in tall x 15in diameter
Does not include inner can 

101B.Silver `Cylindrical` Commerical Trash Can
32in tall x 18in diameter
includes inner trash can

101C.Flat Back Black Commercial Trash Can
32in tall x 18in wide x 9in deep
includes inner can
See also 101D and 101E

101D.Flat Back Black Commercial Trash Can
32in tall x 18in wide x 9in deep
includes inner can
See also 101C and 101E

101E.Flat Back Black Commercial Trash Can
32in tall x 18in wide x 9in deep
includes inner can
See also 101C and 101D

101F.Storage Cabinet - 56in tall x 21in wide x 29in deep
Drawers are 19in wide x 27in deep x 4in tall and divided into 3 6in wide rows
Originally a Card Catalog File
Great for Storing Small Items

102.Z-Rack for Clothes Costumes
63in long x 91in tall x 23in deep
Breaks down for easy transportation
Can Add 2nd cross pole to top to double storage

103.Theatrical Door on wheeled Platform
2 sided - white on one side / green and brown on other side
86in tall x 47in wide x 24in deep base

104.Symphonic TPS 301
TV AM/FM Tape Recorder
10in tall x 6in wide x 8in deep
Used by NBC News

105.Kodak Portable Video Camera XL55
case - 9in wide x 4in deep x 7,5in tall

106.Bell & Howell Video camera
Super 8 306

10in wide x 4in deep x 7in tall

107.Panasonic RX-1230
Radio Casette Player
12in wide x 4in deep x 8in tall

108.GE 7-2915 A Radio
AM/FM/Citizens Band
81/2 in long x 3in deep x 7in tall

109.Lloyds 8N53B
AM/FM Radio 
9in long x 3in deep x 6in tall

110.Radio Shack Cassette Tape Recorder
CTR -123

7in long x 2in deep x 4in tall

111.3 - 35mm Cameras
Konica Auto reflex T3
Minolta SR T201
Pentax K1000

112.Brownie Hawkeye Camera
5in wide x 3in deep x 6in tall

113.Sears Clock Radio Alarm 174-23730500
12in wide x 7in deep x 3 1/2in tall
Split - Flip Number Style - `See Groundhog Day`

114.Westclox Classic Windup Hammer Alarm
Bed Side Alarm - circa 60`s
6in tall x 5in wide x 3in deep

115.Eiffel Tower Clock
17 1/2in tall x 8in wide x 8in deep
1.5 volt battery

116.Hat Box
1 - Deluxe Hat Box - Hexagonal with Styrofoam Head
13in tall x 13in diameter

117.Hat Box - Hexagonal Box
includes white top hat
13in tall x 14in wide x 14in deep

118.Stainless Sink - Kitchen Style
33in wide x 22in deep x 16in tall (from drain bottom to spigot top)
Separate Hot/Cold Knobs

119.Double Sink - Kitchen Size
33in wide x 22in deep x  15in tall from drain to top of spout

120.Sports Equipment - Tub of Assorted Balls
5 Basketballs, 12 Footballs, 6 Soccer Balls
6 Nerf Balls, plus assorted Tennis Balls etc

121.Large Metal Wire Basket of Sports Equipment
3 Footballs, 1 Home Plate, 1 Hockey/LaCrosse Helmet
2 sets Catcher Shin Guards, Catcher Vest, Ice Skates
Assorted Cleats

122.Sporting Equipment - Box of Assorted Helmets
18 Baseball Helmets
1 Football Helmet - youth
2 Bicycle Helmets
2 Boxing Headgerar
4 Construction Hard Hats
1 Atlanta Braves - Helmet Hat

123.Novelty Toy - 1996 Atlanta Olympics Mascot - "Izzy" Doll
16in tall x 12in wide x 6in thick

124.Box of 24 Stuffed Animals
Tasmanian Devil, 2 Garfield's, Tweety Bird, 12 assorted Bears, etc

125.Box of 18 Stuffed Animals
Marvin the Martian, 6 stuffed bears, 2 frogs, etc

126.Rustic Bed
circa Colonial / Western era of Am History
can play Midieval as well
7ft long x 41in wide x 16in tall

127.Rustic Bed
circa Colonial / Western era of Am History
can play Midieval as well
7ft long x 41in wide x 16in tall

128.Commercial Building Fire Extinguisher Box
27in tall x 13in wide x 8in deep
Glass is inside box in protective cardboard

129.Small Rolling Metal Cabinet / Tool Box
slots for shelves but no shelves included
28in tall x 16in wide x 11in deep

130.Very Light Weigh Aluminum Prop Fire Hydrant
23in tall x 12in diameter

131.Sawhorse Style Folding Construction Warning Sign 
with Reflective Light topper

51in tall x 24in wide x 21in deep

132.Toy Guns - group of 9 vintage toy guns
Plastic unless noted
1 Large Colt 44 - 12in long
1 Orange & Red Plastic Sig Sauer - 9in long
1 Black Snub Nose - metal - with working trigger and hammer
1 Vintage aluminum Cap Gun - one side of barrel broken - 8in long
plus 5 more

133.Toys - Wrestling Action Figures
Small 5in to 6in tall
Individual pictures included

134.Toys - Plastic Animal Figures
Small 1in to 4in tall
19 items included in this lot

135.Toys - Vintage `Army` Men Figures
1750`s to 1850`s characters represented
34 Blue `Professional` Soldiers
24 Brown `Frontier` Fighters
Includes Topographical map for placement if desired

136.Toy Figures - Assorted 2in to 6in tall
including Queen, Dinosaurs, Tasmanian Devil, Mr Incredible and more - 13 assorted figures

137.Assorted Vintage Toys
Checkers, Chess, Marbles, Wood Flute, Restaurant Triangle Game, Whoopee Cushions (2), Old Maid Card game, Wooden Nickle, Poker Chips, Gyroscope and more in a Carrying Basket

138.Toy Cars and Miniature Toy Skateboard figures
7 Cars - 6 Skateboards
4in long to 11in long
Race Cars, 1 ATV

139.8 Toy Car Figures - Working Vehicles
up to 7in long
2 Fire Trucks
3 Military including 1 vintage jeep
1 Police car

140.Toy Cars - Hot Wheels
Unopened package of 5 Cars plus 3 wrapped in plastic Hot Wheels plus one loose Hot Wheel. Cars are approx. 2in long
9 total pieces

141.Toys - Baby Toys, Dolls, Doll Toys, Doll Parts, Doll Clothes

142.Toys - Stuffed Animals - Cats
Largest is 7in long x 7 in tall

143.Toys - 11 Stuffed Animals - Bears & Monkeys
Largest is 11in long

144.Toys - 13 Stuffed Toys - Assorted Licensed Toys
Largest is Cookie Monster - 10in tall
Bugs Bunny, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Coca Cola Polar Bear, Cookie Monster, Tasmanian Devil, Curious George, California Raisin, more

145.Toys - 15 Assorted Stuffed Animals
Largest is 12in long
Camel, Bird, Turtle, Dog, Sheep, Owl, Penguin, Bunny, more

146.Art Supplies - 5 Bottles of Tempra Paint
6 Cans of Play Doh

Large Sidewalk Chalk pack, Permoplast
Water Colors, Crayola 24 pack, Clay Play, Oil Pastel Markers

147.Craft / Sewing Supplies & Notions
Yarn, Embroidery Thread, Cross Stich supplies, Ribbons, Bows

148.Sewing & Notions
Thread, Buttons, More Buttons, Zippers, Clasps, and more

149.Jukebox - Theatrical Prop - Faux Wurlitzer
54in tall x 32in wide x 19in deep
Lighted Doors - Doors open to Hiding Space

150.Settee - Gold with Tassels
64in long x 23in tall x 21in deep

151.Hi-Boy Table
42in tall x 30in diameter

152.Hi-Boy Table
42in tall x 30in diameter

153.Civil Defense Water Barrels
Set of 3 Barrels
24in tall x 16in diameter

154.Motorized Hospital Bed on Wheels
87in long x 36in wide x 26in tall
Electronic Motor raises head, foot, and bed

155.Theatrical Counter on wheels
Plays as a counter, post office, store, saloon
72in long x 42in tall x 27in deep

156.Decorative Bench
60in long x 16in tall x 13in deep
Heavy Metal Base

157.Sharp MX-2700N Copier with Sorter
45in wide x 47in tall x 27in deep
2 separate pieces

158.Speakeasy Door
80in tall x 34in wide x 2in thick
Prop door for Roaring 20s events

159.Cask - Wine Barrel
37in tall x 25in diameter
weighs approx. 50 lbs

160.A/V Cart
50in tall x 33in wide x 27in deep
3 Shelves
Great for Shop Cart

161.Vintage Cigarette Vending Machine
60in tall x 34in wide x 12in deep
11 slots - build by National
license for 1960 on front window

162.PolyTrux - Hamper for Hotels / Events / Shop Storage Transport
43in wide x 29in across x 39in tall
PolyTrux 50P16 by Meese Inc
Rolls but one wheel should be replaced

163.Vintage Wood Ladder
56in tall x 47in wide x 19in across
2 sided, 4 step ladder

164.Rolling Tool Case
25in tall x 18in wide x 12in deep
Upper and Lower Storage / Carry Handle or Roller Handle

165.Pet Carrier
29in deep x 20in wide x 21in tall
Petmate Medium Kennel - 28in interior depth

166.Vintage Candy Vending Machine
55in tall x 20in wide x 4in deep
16in x 16in base

167.Prop `Dynamite` Boxes
24in wide x 16in deep x 18in tall
Sturdy boxes work for storage as well.

168.Scared Cat
16in long x 14in tall x 4in wide
very light weight

169.Black Metal Ammo Box
14in tall x 19in long x 8in thick

170.Prop Wood Pirate Pistol
12in long x 5in tall x 2in wide

171.Fake Wood Pirate Pistol
14in long x 4in tall x 2in thick

172.Space Blaster Cannon 
Plastic - 29in long x 9in wide x 9in tall
Custom prop finish

173.Stryker Medical Overbed Table
Adjustable Height from 28in to 43in
Tray is 32in long x 18in wide
Rolling Base is 33in long x 23in wide

174.Shelving Unit - plastic
72in tall x 36in wide x 18in deep
Breaks apart for moving easily
Manufactured by Keter

175.Shelving Unit - plastic
72in tall x 36in wide x 24in deep
Breaks apart for moving easily
Includes Hanging Rack


Amy Martin Auctioneer